Published on 03-Apr-2024

The Top 14 Leading NDT Companies in the World

The Top 14 Leading NDT Companies in the World

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NDT stands for Non-Destructive Testing. It encompasses various inspection methods that enable inspectors to assess and estimate data about systems, components, and materials. This inspection technique can be used for various types of check-ups. 

Nevertheless, the most significant NDT checks include vessels, cargo, and boilers. Many countries have mandated NDT laws for companies to adhere to inspection codes. As these assets are at greater risk, specific guidelines are periodically followed and conducted by investigators to ensure the safety of workers.

Advantages of NDT in the modern Industrial Landscape

NDT has emerged as a cornerstone of modern industrial practices, owing to its myriad benefits that drive efficiency, cost-effectiveness, safety, and precision. The widespread adoption of NDT methods and techniques has propelled its growth into a vital industry, catering to the diverse needs of businesses worldwide.


One of the primary advantages of NDT lies in its ability to facilitate thorough and swift assessments of assets using advanced NDT methods and techniques, such as ultrasonic testing and radiographic inspection. This efficiency ensures minimal downtime and enables businesses to maintain optimal productivity levels.


NDT offers significant cost savings by enabling the evaluation of materials and objects without causing damage. Unlike traditional testing methods that may necessitate the destruction of samples for analysis, NDT Techniques allow for non-invasive testing, preserving the integrity of assets while conserving resources and mitigating unnecessary expenditures.


The paramount concern for any industrial operation is the safety of workers and assets. NDT procedures are inherently safe and risk-free, as they eliminate the need for intrusive testing methods that could potentially endanger personnel or compromise the structural integrity of equipment. 

NDT inspectors and technicians undergo rigorous training to ensure compliance with safety protocols and standards, further enhancing workplace safety and reducing the likelihood of accidents or injuries.


Precision and accuracy are hallmarks of NDT techniques, contributing to enhanced safety for workers and the durability of equipment. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and innovative NDT methods, inspectors can detect flaws, defects, and irregularities with unparalleled precision. This level of accuracy enables businesses to identify potential hazards or weaknesses in their assets proactively, thereby pre-empting costly failures or operational disruptions. The collective impact of these benefits has propelled NDT into a thriving industry, with NDT Companies and practitioners playing a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity and reliability of industrial assets. 

As businesses increasingly recognize the value of NDT in safeguarding their operations and maintaining regulatory compliance, the demand for skilled NDT inspectors and technicians continues to grow. Moreover, ongoing advancements in NDE Innovation and technology further underscore its significance as a cornerstone of modern industrial practices.

Top Companies in the NDT Sphere

Companies are providing all-inclusive NDT services to maximize the safety of workers. Here is a list of some prominent leaders in the NDT industry.

1. Acuren Inspection Inc:

Acuren Inspection Inc

World’s largest inspection services company dealing in conventional & technologically advanced non-destructive testing and examination (NDT & NDE), rope access and scaffolding, and condition-based monitoring services. The company offers trailblazing solutions for boiler tubes and piping, guided wave services, Infrared Thermography, and IRIS Testing. In June 2020, Acuren Inspection Inc. announced the acquisition of the Suspendem company, a major brand in wind turbine maintenance and inspection services. With Acuren’s substantial experience in rope access and Suspendem’s specialized expertise in wind turbine services, the companies will deliver advanced solutions to the wind industry.

2. Ashtead Technology:

Ashtead Technology

Founded in 1985, the company is a global provider of subsea solutions and survey sensors for various applications in offshore projects. The company also provides engineered measurement solutions, offshore personnel, training, calibration, repair and maintenance, and asset management solutions. In June 2018, Ashtead Technology collaborated with Cygnus Instruments to supply the most advanced ultrasonic flooded member detection (FMD) system for underwater inspections. It can be deployed and operated at depths of up to 300 m.

3. Eddyfi:

Eddyfi Technologies

A prominent company in NDT inspection technologies. In June 2020, Eddyfi introduced the M2M Mantis PAUT Flaw Detector. The Mantis is a pioneer and lightweight flaw detector, offering an exemplary solution for applications such as high-speed corrosion mapping and butt weld and long seam weld inspection, commonly up to 5 to 30 millimetres or 0.25-to-1.25-inch-thick composites. Similarly, Eddyfi Technologies launched Capture version 3.1 in March 2020. The system's software will regulate the M2M Gekko and M2M Mantis portable instruments. It is the first and only commercially available program to include real-time TFM (Total Focusing Method).

4. Fprimec Solutions Inc:

Fprimec Solutions Inc

An eminent leader in multidisciplinary engineering services for inspection & maintenance control. The company offers intelligent and innovative solutions for structural condition assessment of existing buildings and designated structures. Its FPrimeC Solutions offers trailblazing testing solutions for quality management and materials testing. In September 2019, Fprimec Solutions Inc. participated in a meticulous bridge deck condition survey in Perth, Ontario (Canada). The survey was intended to inspect and calculate the existing condition of the bridge deck, distinguish surface and subsurface defects, and assess the corrosion activity.

5. LynX Inspection:

LynX Inspection

Founded in April 2016, the company caters to the industrial sector based on three-dimensional analysis and X-ray imaging. In December 2018, LynX Inspection introduced a predictive 3D radiography system. The system is mainly used for X-ray imaging and evaluating complex parts' internal and external structures, such as precision molded, machined, and additive manufacturing parts. The company is developing an advanced machine vision solution for OEMs with affordability, user-friendliness, and effectiveness.

6. Mistras Group:

Mistras Group

A major provider of amalgamated asset protection solutions with safety and operational uptime for industrial assets. The company caters to the gas, aerospace, defence, and manufacturing industries. In December 2018, Mistras Group signed an agreement to acquire an onstream pipeline inspection with a valuation of USD 143 million. Likewise, in December 2018, the company acquired an onstream pipeline inspection with a valuation of USD 143 million. This accomplishment will improve the Pipeline Inspection and data analytics platform capable of Mistras Group.

7. Olympus Corporation:

Olympus Corporation

The company is involved in producing and supplying medical equipment such as surgical endoscopes, endoscopic treatment instruments, gastrointestinal endoscopes, and ultrasonic endoscopes. In October 2019, Olympus Corporation released the IPLEX G Lite industrial video scope to capture images inside aircraft engines, piping, and other equipment without disassembly. The Industrial video scope is an innovative non-destructive test instrument, which will be used to Inspection of Interior Confined Spaces such as aircraft engines and piping at industrial plants.

8. Sonatest Ltd:

Sonatest Ltd

A prominent NDT Equipment Provider. The company designs and develops a wide range of ultrasonic equipment and NDT accessories. In June 2020, Sonatest Ltd. and MelcoNDT collaborated to enlarge NDT solutions in Malaysia and Singapore. Sonatest is the major provider of ultrasonic NDT instruments internationally.

9. TD Williamson, Inc: