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MFE Enterprises, Inc

MFE Enterprises manufactures Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) inspection equipment for both storage tank and pipeline applications.

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Founded in 1994 by Bill Duke, MFE Enterprises is a family-owned and operated MFL inspection equipment provider that takes great pride in helping its customers all over the world find the right tool for the job.

MFE Enterprises manufactures Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) inspection equipment for both storage tank and pipeline applications.

MFE designs equipment for fast and accurate inspections of your plant assets with cutting-edge, lightweight equipment such as the 65 lb Mark IV Tank Floor Scanner and 61lb MFE Edge.

All MFE Enterprises inspection equipment is maintained by highly experienced specialists with an extensive industry-specific knowledge base. MFE Enterprises will ensure you get the right equipment for your specific application delivered on time, and in the proper condition, so that your inspection is fast, accurate, and cost-effective.

Products & Services
MFE Pipemaster

10.4″ LCD Color Monitor: Inspect even the smallest details with the highest resolution picture and a large screen. On-Screen footage and text. Optimum viewing capabilities, day and night.

Quick Connect: The video connector, USB input, and power entry points are on the front of the command module for easy access. Save time and money!

One-Touch “On-Demand” Recording: The integrated “On-Demand” recording is one-touch hand hands-remote control and responds up to 20 feet away from the command module. The system records to USB (included) that allows you to upload to Youtube or email customers.

High-Resolution Self-Leveling Camera: Camera size is 1.3″ in diameter, Self-Leveling camera head. Inspect from 2″ to 12″ pipes. Inspect a larger range of pipeline diameters with just one camera system, saving money on fewer investments and fewer repairs.

Flexi-Guard Spring: Spring technology allows up to (3) 90-degree bends and turns. Protects the camera and allows maximum flexibility for any inspection.

Premium Push Rod: Premium Push Rod with Spiral Wound Technology is optimized to inspect larger pipelines, and longer runs, and is more durable, saving time and money on repairs. Push Rod lengths are available 200′ and 400′.

New Frame Design: Light-weight, heavy-duty and durable frame, lateral design to fit into tight spaces. Extremely easy to transport to and from the job site.

Off-Road Wheels: Push and Pull easily into any rugged terrain, with no limitations while performing inspections in any job site with 10″ diameter wheels.

Mark IV Tank Scanner

Manual Mode Features a C-Scan view and Real-Time Display

Speed Tracking and Speed Compensation Software:

Our new speed tracking feature provides the operator immediate feedback so they are confident they are scanning within an optimal speed range, ensuring consistent, reliable, and accurate results.

Speed Compensation Software allows operators to scan at different speeds to obtain the same results. The signal response is normalized when scanning within the speed tracking range.

User-Friendly Software:

The software guides the operator through an intuitive process that begins with quickly generating a sketch of the tank floor bottom and ends with a comprehensive detailed MFL map of the tank floor bottom.

Real-Time Display:

The real-time “A-Scan” display features an LED signal response that runs concurrently with a “C-Scan” mapping preview that clearly illustrates where the defect is relative to the magnetic bridge. This allows defects to be located even faster and drastically eliminates the need for the scanner to be constantly moving while locating defects.

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