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Committed to delivering a higher level of reliability, Acuren provides an unrivaled spectrum of services to support the safe operation of industrial assets.


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A market leader in structural integrity testing and solutions

Committed to delivering a higher level of reliability, it provides an unrivalled spectrum of services to support the safe operation of industrial assets. Our services include conventional and advanced nondestructive testing and examination (NDT & NDE), inspection, engineering, rope access-enabled services (industrial services and NDT) and condition-based monitoring services. Our commitment to innovation is ongoing, as is our development of programs to support the integrity of your assets and to significantly lower your costs of operation.

We are pleased to serve many of the largest and most sophisticated industrial firms in the world – with clients in the refinery, chemical, pipeline, storage tank, power generation (fossil, nuclear and wind), pulp & paper, aerospace, automotive, and pharmaceutical industries.

Local professionals with global resources

Our formula for success is straightforward: be highly capable locally, with certified, well-trained and well-equipped personnel supported by trained, experienced leaders.

We support our local teams with subject matter experts in engineering, rope access, and advanced inspection methods and technologies. Our field engineers and technicians have ready access to the resources required to solve complex customer problems in real-time, providing a higher level of reliability at a lower overall cost.

Local competence is further supported by a corporate commitment to exceptional service, with subject-matter experts, management systems, and best-in-class technology to assure that the efforts provided locally also represent the best methods globally.

Committed to quality assurance

Acuren’s commitment to safety, quality and professionalism spans four decades. Our commitment to improvement is ongoing and core to our culture. We strive for incident free work environments and continuous service improvement. Our commitment to safety and quality assurance is evidenced through our industry certifications and our strict adherence to industry standards.

Learn more about our quality programs here

Rope access advantage

It has led the delivery of rope access services to the industry for over twenty years. The savings provided by rope access delivery are well recognized, and monthly result in millions of dollars of savings versus conventional alternatives. It is the first, and longest-standing, full member of the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA), as well as the largest rope access service provider in North America. Our expertise is well established – and our delivery of bespoke solutions at height and to difficult-to-access areas provides both savings in time and cost.

Safe delivery of our rope access program is paramount. Our rope access work has rigorous audited compliance standards and is now recognized as safer than traditional access means, such as scaffolding and lifts.

Learn more about our rope access services here

The Advantage of the Company:

Working with Acuren provides specific advantages for our customers:

  • Turnkey integrity solutions for the full asset lifecycle
  • Deep collective knowledge built on decades of experience
  • Industry-leading access options including rope access and scaffold
  • Cross-functional integrated industrial service teams with multi-ticketed members
  • Benchmarked cost reduction programs that lower client’s cost to operate
  • Local presence with national scale and extensive 80-location footprint
  • Advanced technologies for any inspection challenge
  • Collaborative service approach combining over 100 engineers with over 4000 field staff
Products & Services
Digital Radiography (DR) / Computed Radiography (CR)

Acuren’s Digital Imaging Services Offer Numerous Benefits Over Conventional Film X-Ray Where Profile Radiography Is Utilized

Enjoy safer testing with Acuren’s Digital Radiography (DR) and Computed Radiography (CR) services. DR is a form of x-ray imaging where digital x-ray sensors (DDA) are used instead of traditional photographic film; CR uses a flexible phosphor Imaging Plate to capture digital images in place of photographic film. The resulting digital images can be emailed for additional analysis and enhanced to aid in interpretation of test results. Creating digital files also eliminates risks from exposure to silver-based film or chemicals. Acuren’s DR takes less energy to operate, resulting in smaller exclusion zones and the elimination of RT windows. In addition to being safer this also results in faster, more informed decision making, a clear understanding of next steps and significant cost savings.

Faster, Safer, Reduced Environmental Footprint and More Accurate Than Conventional X-Rays

You know instantly whether your image has been captured thus eliminating reshoots, no developing or processing time required, and no need for multiple shots for material of varying thickness. Since there is no film or imaging plates, film storage and chemical disposal costs are eliminated.

Principal Advantages Over Film Radiography

Safety – Speed – Environmental Considerations

  • Safer work environment
  • Saves both time and money
  • High resolution images
  • Faster shot times
  • Elimination of film and chemicals
  • ASTM E 2339-04 (DICONDE) compliant
  • ISO 14001 compliant for environmental management systems
  • Reduced exclusion zones
  • No need to remove insulation
  • Measures pitting corrosion
  • Reduced doses of radiation to technicians
  • Portability and ease of use
  • Digital files can be delivered via email
  • Versatile software exposure and interpretation tools
  • Reliable, repeatable service only Acuren can deliver

Digital Radiography paired with Acuren’s AcuView provides instant benefits

All DR images can be transmitted for offsite analysis, each system is configured with a secured VPN which allows the seamless transfer of data back to dedicated analysis centers for review and reporting.

Radiography Experts

With over 4,500 professionals in 80+ locations, we can mobilize quickly and efficiently to deliver superior Acuren performance in a matter of hours. Our arsenal includes the latest, most advanced radiography equipment available today.

Eddy Current Testing

Eddy current testing detects the smallest defects in various materials that can minimize downtime and decrease inspection costs. At Acuren, our certified technicians use specialized eddy current testing equipment to provide a quick and accurate examination of:

  • Aircraft and engine components
  • Heat exchanger tubing
  • Other critical engineering components

Acuren’s eddy current inspection offers a cost-effective technique to inspect metals for surface cracks, pitting, wall loss and other discontinuities.

Eddy current inspection can be used to find the finest surface and near surface flaws in any conductive material. Our highly trained eddy current specialists analyze results using advanced software to differentiate relevant and non-relevant indications.

What can eddy current testing measure?

  • Crack detection
  • Material thickness measurements
  • Coating thickness measurements
  • Conductivity measurements for:
  • Material identification
  • Heat damage detection
  • Case depth determination
  • Heat treatment monitoring

What types of materials can eddy current testing inspect?

  • Aircraft structures, units and engines
  • Boilers, heat exchangers, cast iron pipes, and pipelines using remote field testing
  • Gears, blades, bolts, bolt holes, threading, shafts, flanges, nozzles
  • Manufacturing and transportation equipment
  • Automotive parts
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