About OnestopNDT

OnestopNDT is led by the visionary Santosh Gavankar, who has over 20 years of experience and knowledge about the NDT industry. With an aim to develop a platform where the entire NDT industry can come together, Mr. Gavankar founded OnestopNDT.

OnestopNDT is the home for all NDT professionals. The primary agenda of OnestopNDT is to create awareness in the NDT Market (equipment manufacturers, service providers, distributors, plant operators, NDT professionals etc.) about the new developments and products & services available in the global market. Our team of experts aim to provide the NDT industry with direct access to interact and explore the possibilities of helping and working together.

In 2022, OnestopNDT made a strategic partnership with Tantragyan Technologies Private Ltd. to expand its reach, broaden its addressable market and achieve leadership in the NDT field.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build the largest global platform for NDT professionals, uniting the industry's best available resources and promoting knowledge through collaboration. Through our platform, we aim to facilitate the exchange of ideas, foster innovation, and advance the NDT industry by bringing together professionals from all corners of the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a collaborative community of NDT professionals who share their knowledge and resources to advance the industry. Through our collective efforts, we aim to promote excellence in NDT practices, foster innovation, and drive positive impact on industries and society.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to inspire innovation, collaboration, and awareness in the NDT industry by bringing together the best available resources and expertise.

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