Published on 01-Nov-2023

Top 7 Eddy Current Testing Companies You Must Know

Top 7 Eddy Current Testing Companies You Must Know
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What Is Eddy Current Testing? 

Eddy current testing, also referred to as eddy current inspection, is a non-destructive testing technique which employs electromagnetism to observe surface-breaking and sub-surface defects present in the substances. The major areas where the eddy current testing method is utilized involve material identification & heat treatment condition, crack & corrosion detection, and non-conductive coating thickness measurement. 

As we already mentioned, the eddy current testing technique is a non-destructive testing method. Hence it is applied to various industries. This specific non-destructive testing is carried out in many industry sectors encompassing aerospace, oil & gas, transport, healthcare, and power generation. Therefore, eddy current testing is utilized in various ways within these business sectors. It can be embarked on at the time of production, post-production, during service, and repair as well. 

Here are the best 7 Eddy Current Testing Companies you might not know! We have curated a list of companies to help you know better about the eddy current industry. 

1) Ether NDE Limited 

In 2019, Ether NDE Limited completed its tenth anniversary. Due to the rapid development & expansion, Ether NDE is now established in St. Albans, Hertfordshire (UK). This is where Ether NDE has built up strength and is now a firmly settled company, as it is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Current NDT equipment to the NDT market across the globe. The company started with a strong vision & powerful expertise in the field of Eddy Current Technology, as many of the Ether NDE team members have been a part of Hocking NDT previously. Today, jointly, they have more than 150 years of experience in non-destructive testing. 

They specialize in the Eddy Current NDT market as they strive to offer their customers the highest level of Eddy Current expertise worldwide. So, if you are someone who is looking for precise answers, then Ether NDE is the corporation for you.

2) Olympus 

Olympus was established on October 12, 1919, and was known as Takachiho Seisakusho. Takeshi Yamashita, the organization's founder, set up the company by taking the financial assistance of his previous employer, with a great vision of accomplishing domestic manufacturing of microscopes. 

Yamashita took a step forward and motivated his engineers by stating that sheer imitations of imported commodities would not be adequate and that it would become crucial to develop something genuinely original. After six months of establishing the company, in June 1920, the dream of creating a domestic microscope was made into reality with the inception of Asahi, the first microscope fabricated by Takachiho.

On April 4, 2022, Olympus Corporation said in a statement about separating its Scientific Solutions business from a completely owned subsidiary named "Evident Corporation." Pursuing the divestiture of its imaging business this step determines the long-term strategy of a company to establish its position as a major company in the MedTech industry. The split was first announced in the month of June 2021. Therefore, as a brand new established subsidiary, Evident, whose headquarters are in Japan, proceeds to work independently under Olympus. Olympus's Scientific Solutions business includes the Olympus Industrial and Life Science industries. 

The new name of the company epitomizes their loyalty & commitment to delivering high-end products and technical knowledge, enabling the consumers to learn new things and discover new verification in their sections of expertise. The industrial solutions of Evident cover a wide area from microscopes and video scopes to non-destructive testing equipment & X-ray analyzers for the purpose of manufacturing, maintenance, environmental applications, and much more. Supported by state-of-the-art technologies, Evident products are broadly utilized for inspection, quality control, measurement, etc.

3) Etegent Technologies 

Etegent Technologies was established to integrate state-of-the-art university research into the products & services for the defence and aerospace industries. Its headquarters are situated in Cincinnati, with a Beavercreek office, right across the avenue from WPAFB. Etegent is very well placed to cater to the needs of commercial as well as government customers. For many years, Elegant has solely concentrated on picking up and retaining remarkably talented employees designed to deliver high-quality solutions while encouraging a culture of innovation. 

This perseverance and determination toward finding have driven Etegent’s success over the years in transitioning technologies from unexplored study concepts into user-embraced solutions for challenging yet critical issues. The company has high technology, research & development centers that conduct state-of-the-art research in a wide range of areas that include mechatronic product development, automatic target recognition using radar, LADAR, image, vibrometry, and additional data types, non-destructive assessment data management & mining and Health monitoring of turbine engines and other assets. 

4) Compass Technology Group 

Compass Technology Group, also referred to as the CTG, was founded in 2011, and in 2012, it became an LLC. They began their journey by conducting robust research and transforming it into valuable products that can solve the challenges customers face in situ, be that in a lab setting, manufacturing facility, field, or depot. They have become a leading provider of cutting-edge radio frequency component measurement equipment in the past few years. 

Their systems are now being utilized in various manufacturing sectors to deliver high-quality information to electromagnetic components and materials manufacturers. They have their facilities or office space for a good number of staff accompanied by extensive research, manufacturing & design facilities, including 3D printing, CAM modelling, software development, microwave measurement equipment, prototyping, machining & assembly, and others.

5) Wolf Technical Services 

Wolf Technical Services, a company that laid its first stone in 1977, is purely dedicated to the area of engineering excellence. The organization functions within two main areas of engineering proficiency — design engineering and forensic investigations. Since 1977, the company's experts have researched over 25,000 forensic cases. They work for both — insurance companies and defence attorneys as well. 

Their analysis & conclusions are founded based on mathematical computations, the laws of physics, published information, expert knowledge, etc. Their analytical processes are done according to the principles of science. In their safety modification efforts for observers and participants, they continue to serve as consulting engineers for the NHRA, i.e., the National Hot Rod Association and IndyCar.

6)  Eagle Harbour Technologies 

Eagle Harbour Technologies, also known as EHT, was established in 2005 to create innovative solutions to overcome the challenges in pulsed power & plasma science. When it started off, its research & product development was backed by SBIR, i.e., Small Business Innovation Research, grants from the DOE, i.e., U.S Department of Energy, DOD, i.e., the Department of Defence and NASA, i.e., the National Aeronautics and Space Agency. With the help of these grants, it enabled the company to create new capabilities in plasma control & solid state switching. 

The initial products were deployed based on their robust research to fusion energy labs located at national labs and universities. At present, the company's main goal is to deliver rigorous pulsed power systems to their consumers to allow them to be the next leaders in their own industries. EHT has consistently conducted SBIR-supported research and development to be at the top of solid-state pulsed power.

7) Jentek Sensors 

JENTEK Sensors, Inc. laid the first stone in the year 1992 to grapple with the necessity for enhanced examination and improved life management of high-value acquisitions such as refineries, rotorcrafts, pipelines, aircraft, ships, power plants, spacecraft, etc. It also indulges itself in working towards the quality assessment and regulation of high-value-added procedures like welding, heat treatment, shot peening, and coating. 

JENTEK’s GridStation products and their MWM®-Array eddy-current sensors are now considered the U.S. military and commercial OEM standard practice for assessing engines and other vital elements. Their patented technologies and commodities deliver unique yet cost-effective solutions to feature the valuable & challenging requirements of the consumers. 

JENTEK’s products encompass prominent GridStation decision support software, edge sensor technologies, and high-performance parallel architecture instrumentation, which are user-friendly and portable. Their main concentration is on providing solutions that offer substantial near-term cost salvation, considerable long-term return on the acquisition, readiness/yield enhancement, and practical performance modifications.


Today, non-destructive testing methods are used by many companies across the globe. This is so because it provides efficiency(it enables comprehensive speedy examination of the materials), savings(ndt doesn't cause any harm to the substances being tested, hence being a cost-effective measure), safety and accuracy(all the methods are precise, which results in high durability of the equipment & safety of workers). The above-listed prominent companies provide eddy current testing services to maximize efficiency & productivity. We hope that you find this article useful. For more such articles, head on to our website!

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