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Magnetic Analysis Corporation

Magnetic Analysis Corporation has been advancing the science and technology behind nondestructive testing for over 90 years. On the world stage, MAC® is recognized as a major resource for eddy current,


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Magnetic Analysis Corporation has been advancing the science and technology behind nondestructive testing for over 90 years. On the world stage, MAC® is recognized as a major resource for eddy current, electromagnetic, flux leakage and ultrasonic inspection systems for testing metals.

Dedicated to a production-oriented approach, MAC offers both individual instruments and complete systems that incorporate material handling and controls, as well as nondestructive testing.

Our focus is on our clients’ expectations for superior technology, reliability and a thorough understanding of their product and in-plant conditions. Partnering with them, we develop a test system that is the best one to meet both their specifications and their internal needs.

MAC Today:

  • Three impressive, state of the art facilities form the backbone of our company: MAC’s ISO 9001-2015 certified manufacturing and engineering facility in Elmsford, New York; a manufacturing and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 laboratory certified plant in Boardman, Ohio; and Magnetic Analysis Nordic’s manufacturing plant in Östersund, Sweden.
  • Our products and testing instruments are used in countless countries and territories, in plants and mills where wire, tubing, bars and metal parts roll through automatic inspection systems without missing a beat.
  • In addition, MAC’s global network of field engineers and experienced representatives are always available to locally supply custom services, installation, routine maintenance, or repairs. This support staff gives MAC the unique ability to provide the highest level of personalized service, just about anywhere in the world.
  • Maintenance service can be provided for most systems by a service contract, or on a per call basis.
  • Our testers and services are also offered through MAC’s unique leasing program, which includes both equipment and service in one package.
Products & Services

Ultrasonic Rotary Mechanisms for High Speed Testing of Round Bar and Tubular Products

MAC Rotary units are manufactured in several sizes, to inspect products ranging from 5mm to 500mm.


  • Oil country tubular goods – test to API 5CT and 5L standards
  • Seamless and welded tube
  • Heat exchanger tube
  • Hydraulic boiler tube
  • Umbilical tube for off shore installations
  • Large round billets during early stages of production
  • Hot rolled bar
  • Small diameter highly finished bar and wire
  • Specialty steel bars

MAC’s Echomac FD series of instruments, when used in conjunction with our rotaries, provide optimum performance and make up a complete system to test your product.


  • 100% Coverage at high throughput rates.
  • Multiplex transducer design allows lower noise signals and up to 48 transducer elements.
  • Local remote pulsar/receiver allows high gain and provides low susceptibility to mill electrical interference.
  • Multiple transducer elements can simultaneously test in different directions such as CW, CCW, FWD, REV, as well as measure wall thickness and detect laminations.
  • Precision test blocks and transducer holders ensure accurate positioning to detect small defects, even at high throughput speeds.
  • Seal-less rotaries reduce likelihood of damage from grit and other mill contaminants

MAC’s 25mm Rotary also features convenient adjustment of the transducer angles and an 8,000 RPM maximum running speed.  The overall length of the unit is 630mm, which allows for ease of installation in existing inspection lines. Wall thickness as thin as 0.3mm, and tubes as short as 1 meter, can be successfully tested.  A unique water flow control loop ensures the correct volume of water flow for coupling.

MAC designed water packages are also available, to ensure the required clean, temperature controlled water is utilized for your ultrasonic testing needs.

  • Versatile Ultrasonic Inspection system can be applied to tube, pipe and bar-stock applications.
  • Precision conveyor with powered roller heads automatically calculates and maintains helical pitch of inspection.
  • Multi-channel Test Head Assembly with easy one-knob adjustment for different diameters.
  • Tolerates materials with lack of straightness.
  • Material diameters between 50mm and 355mm (2”-14”) without changing bushings or glands.
  • Uses familiar Echomac® FD electronics.

At the heart of the Echomac® Full Body Tester for Ultrasonic (UT) Testing of Spinning Tube and Bar is the unique Adaptive Pitch Control (APC) transducer carrier and the precision design “Spin-The-Tube/Bar” conveyor.

With the use of a simple dial-in pitch controller, the operator can set a precise angle of helical pitch for the conveyor’s rotation of the tube/bar. The conveyor spins the material longitudinally past the ultrasonic transducers at the correct pitch, and the APC follower rolls automatically adapt to this angle.


  • Handles material size changes with just one knob to adjust the roll separation, using the convenient diameter scale.
  • Detects longitudinal and transverse defects, wall thickness and lamination to the 5% and 10% level in tube. Also detects inclusions in bar.
  • Tests materials with ovality, and ones that are not as straight as is usually required by other test systems.
  • Can be seamlessly installed into an existing production line, whether new or an upgrade of an older unit.
  • Eliminates the need to adjust transducers for different tube or bar diameters.
  • Ensures that sound entry point and incident angles remain constant for any material size.
  • Can be configured for 5-direction capability.
  • Uses multiple UT element arrays and/or discrete elements, depending on test specifications.
  • Includes premium grade precision conveyor, designed from the perspective of nondestructive testing (NDT) for spinning tube or bar applications.

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