Published on 30-Mar-2024

NDT in the Oil & Gas Industry: An Overview

NDT in the Oil & Gas Industry: An Overview

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Non-destructive testing plays a vital role in most industries. NDT in the oil and gas industry is critical for both the integrity of equipment and the safety of petroleum refining and extraction operations. Keeping potentially hazardous chemicals and fluids safely contained within pipes and pressure vessels means careful inspection of welds and metals for flaws and corrosion using ultrasonic and eddy current NDT testing solutions.

It plays a role in many parts of the oil and gas industry. Running a safe, efficient, and profitable petroleum extraction operation on land or offshore requires effective ultrasonic and eddy current oil and gas upstream solutions.

Understanding NDT in the Oil and Gas Industry

NDT in the Oil and Gas Industry

NDT technologies are being improved upon all the time with innovations in instrumentation, probes, and software. Keeping abreast of these innovations can help oil and gas producers in all phases of the production cycle improve the accuracy and speed of their NDT inspection of welds, pipes, and pressure and storage vessels. Improving production efficiency while ensuring the safety and reliability of their operations.

Developments in technology are opening up new NDT techniques for both ultrasonic and eddy current NDT in the Oil and Gas Industry. New instruments and improvements to existing instruments are being developed. These innovative solutions allow more accurate inspection of critical oil and gas infrastructure with a greater probability of the detection of discontinuities in welds and materials.

Key NDT Methods Used in the Oil and Gas Industry