Published on 03-Feb-2024

Importance and Application of Non-destructive Evaluation

Importance and Application of Non-destructive Evaluation

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International Inspection provides a host of services related to the nondestructive evaluation of client assets.

The phrase refers to a branch of testing that reveals any number of characteristics, from physical attributes to elemental composition, without causing damage to the subject being analyzed.

It is alternatively known by its acronym (NDE), or as Non-destructive Testing (NDT), or even as non-destructive inspection (NDI) depending on preference — each term is functionally interchangeable and refers to the same methods of analysis.

Non-destructive Evaluation is a critical aspect of any industry’s maintenance plans. By recruiting qualified experts to determine the condition of their assets, they can ensure their long-term functionality.

Allowing Corrosion- or mechanical-related damage to accrue in industrial machinery can diminish efficiency, undermine productivity, cause unplanned downtime, necessitate costly repairs, or even injure personnel.

Reliable examinations performed by experienced NDT Inspectors like those from International Inspection equip clients with the insight they need to maintain their assets’ well-being.