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ASME Section V: Overview, Changes & Meaning

ASME Section V: Overview, Changes & Meaning

ASME Section V is a reference Code that deals with NDE requirements like Personnel Qualifications, Procedures, Equipment, Calibrations, and Demonstration of the NDE procedures.

ASME Section V, the latest edition comprises Subsection A, Subsection B, and mandatory and non-mandatory appendixes.

Subsection A covers the methods of non-destructive examination, and Subsection B contains various ASTM Standards covering non-destructive examination methods that have been adopted as standards.

The standards contained in Subsection B are for information only and are non-mandatory unless specifically referenced in whole or in part in Subsection A or referenced in other code sections and other codes, such as ASME B31, Pressure Piping Code.

The Non-destructive Examination requirements and methods included in ASME Section 5 latest edition are mandatory to the extent they are invoked by other Codes and Standards or by the purchaser’s specifications.

For example, ASME Section III requires the Radiographic Examination of some welds to be performed in accordance with ASME Section 5, Article 2.

ASME Section 5, Article 4 includes procedures to be used during the Ultrasonic Examination of welds and the dimensioning of indications for comparison with its acceptance standards when required.

ASME Section V does not contain acceptance standards for the Non-destructive Examination Methods covered in Subsection A.

The acceptance criteria or standards shall be those contained in the referencing code or standard.

For Example, ASME Section VIII, Div-1 or 2.

Currently (ASME BPVC Section V, 2021 Edition) includes 21 articles in subsection A.

Added new ASME V, Article 20, Requirements for Computed Tomography Examination & ASME, Section V, Article 21 for Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) Examination in 2021 Editions.

Basic NDT Methods,

  • ASME Section V, Article 2 - Radiographic Examination
  • ASME Section V, Article 4 - Ultrasonic Examination Methods for Welds
  • ASME Section V, Article 5 - Ultrasonic Examination Methods for Materials
  • ASME Section V, Article 6 - Liquid Penetrant Examination
  • ASME Section V, Article 7 - Magnetic Particle Examination
  • ASME Section V, Article 8 - Eddy Current Examination
  • ASME Section V, Article 9 - Visual Examination
  • ASME Section V, Article - 10 Leak Testing

Subsection B provides some documents adopted by the ASME V latest edition:

  • ASME Section 5, Article 22 Radiographic Standards
  • ASME Section 5, Article 23 Ultrasonic Standards
  • ASME Section 5, Article 24 Liquid Penetrant Standards
  • ASME Section 5, Article 25 Magnetic Particle Standards
  • ASME Section 5, Article 26 Eddy Current Standa

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