Published on 27-Jan-2023

Sitech and CorrosionRADAR announce a contract extension

Sitech and CorrosionRADAR announce a contract extension

Sitech and CorrosionRADAR are pleased to announce a further extension of a contract for remote monitoring of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) at their Chemelot site in the Netherlands. This is building upon Sitech using CorrosionRADAR's CUI Remote Monitoring Solutions since 2019.

This novel solution for corrosion monitoring received a prestigious award, the Corrosion Innovation of the Year 2021, by NACE Materials Performance (now AMPP). The advancements in CorrosionRADAR’s patented sensing technology, along with wireless and battery-powered instruments, make deployments easy. The data is displayed on an online dashboard where risks are identified before corrosion occurs. This is a shining example of the industry 4.0 era enabling the benefits of predictive maintenance.

With the utilisation of CorrosionRADAR’s CUI Monitoring System, Sitech is using the data to complement its existing RBI (Risk-Based Inspection) program. Sitech is dedicated to accurately monitoring its assets to identify any potential risks. This software will contribute towards the reduction in unscheduled shutdowns, which are costly and time-consuming.

Peter Janssen, Sr. Material & Corrosion Engineer of Sitech says

“We were concerned about the CUI risk of the column due to its old age, life expectancy and experience with a similar column. We renewed our conservation and insulation on the asset and installed online monitoring to keep CUI under control for the next 25 years. Costs for CUI inspections in the future will be expensive. However, with remote monitoring, we can detect and locate the CUI risk early, enabling inspection scoping with rope access of only the specific locations where risk is detected on the asset.”

Mehrdad Silatani, Chief Operating Officer of CorrosionRADAR commented

“Sitech’s willingness to accelerate the adoption of remote monitoring solutions and their vision of Industry 4.0 for asset integrity makes them an ideal partner for innovative companies like CorrosionRADAR. This partnership is already showing impact in increased safety along with financial savings for asset integrity of ageing plants in the Netherlands.”

Sitech and CorrosionRADAR are excited to further strengthen this partnership and bring the benefits of remote monitoring to manage the issue of CUI in a much safer and cost-effective way.

About CorrosionRADAR:

CorrosionRADAR a company founded in 2017, enables data-driven asset integrity management through its CUI monitoring technology that can detect Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI). The use of CorrosionRADAR’s technology enables customers to move away from reactive monitoring to predictive monitoring and with the remote monitoring assurance, it provides the capabilities of extending the assets life.

About Sitech Services:

Sitech is a leading technology partner, achieving maximum plant performance and cost-effectiveness. They analyse, optimise, and maximize, thus ensuring that plants maintain their competitive edge. Sitech does this with the latest technological applications, the right expertise, the best innovations, and far-reaching digitization. Sitech helps clients in the process industry move up to the next level and as a genuine ‘integrator’, ensuring that everything works together in perfect harmony within a fully data-driven environment.

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