Published on 06-Apr-2023

Next-Gen HydroFORM™ Scanner Is an Optimized Corrosion Mapping Solution

Next-Gen HydroFORM™ Scanner Is an Optimized Corrosion Mapping Solution

WALTHAM, Mass., (April 5, 2023)—Building on the field-proven design of its predecessor, the next-generation HydroFORM™ scanner is a two-axis encoding corrosion mapping solution that is easy to deploy and optimized for one-person operation. Equipped with our innovative ScanDeck™ module and an integrated index axis encoder, the improved HydroFORM scanner eases and increases the efficiency of phased array (PA) scanning. It also addresses a wider range of inspection applications thanks to an improved water column and bubble management system.

ScanDeck™ Module Enables Autonomous and Efficient Raster Scanning

When used with an OmniScan™ X3 flaw detector, the ScanDeck module provides important feedback and remote functionality that minimize an operator’s interactions with the instrument. Directly in the operator’s eyeline while scanning, status lights indicate which encoder is active (index axis or scan axis), when the optimum index position has been reached, whether the coupling is sufficient, and if the maximum scan speed is exceeded. It also enables the HydroFORM operator to start data acquisition on the OmniScan unit remotely. This information and remote-control capability not only reduces time-consuming tasks but also improve the quality and reliability of the acquired PA data.

Versatile and Easy-to-Deploy Two-Axis Encoded Corrosion Monitoring

With the optional integrated index axis encoder, the HydroFORM scanner facilitates raster scanning, offering a complete 2-axis corrosion mapping solution without the need for an auxiliary scanner. Smooth indexing magnetic wheels and improved bubble management expand the HydroFORM scanner’s capabilities to vertical and inverted scanning applications, such as corrosion monitoring of tank walls.

Helping ensure the reliability of the PA signals, the unique HydroFORM water column system has also been updated. For better wear and temperature resistance, gasket protectors are now included to prolong the life of the foam gaskets that conform to the surface and maintain coupling.

The improved HydroFORM scanner is a comprehensive 2D corrosion mapping solution that enables solo inspectors to efficiently scan flat parts and pipes 4 in. OD and greater. It is highly versatile and can be used as an indexer-clicker style manual scanner, a guided 2-axis encoding scanner, or mounted on compatible semiautomated and automated auxiliary scanners for complex, large-area, and remote inspections.

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