Published on 16-Apr-2024

Exciting Debut of New Products at Scantech's 2024 Global Launch Event

Exciting Debut of New Products at Scantech's 2024 Global Launch Event

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At a thrilling global launch event themed "Unlock New Breakthroughs, Expand Infinite Possibilities," Scantech, a leading 3D measurement technology innovator, revealed two groundbreaking products: NimbleTrack, an intelligent wireless 3D scanning system, and AM-CELL C, an automated 3D measurement system. Additionally, a sneak peek of the upcoming all-in-one software platform, Definsight, was provided, promising to transform precision measurement in manufacturing and industrial applications. This highly anticipated event attracted industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators, all gathering to discuss the future of smart manufacturing.

New Wireless 3D Scanning System and Automated 3D Measurement System

Mr. Jeff Wang, Scantech's CEO, commenced the event by expressing gratitude to attendees and sharing the company's 9-year journey of development. He emphasised the pivotal role of companions in Scantech's international growth, which now boasts nearly 400 members.

Reviewing the evolution of Scantech's portable laser-based 3D scanners, Mr. Wang described the transition from the first generation, featuring 650-nm red lasers and basic functions, to the second generation, employing 450-nm blue lasers and expanding capabilities.

The spotlight was on NimbleTrack, the latest offering from Scantech, marking the advent of intelligent and wireless 3D scanning. Compact and wireless, NimbleTrack redefines dynamic measurements for small-to-medium-sized parts. Equipped with a customised industrial camera, powerful on-board edge computing, and a built-in battery, it enables wireless operations, granting users unprecedented freedom. NimbleTrack boasts target-free 3D scanning, high precision, and one-person operation, meeting rigorous industrial measurement standards. "Experience NimbleTrack's precision firsthand and explore its versatility in engineering tasks, from inspecting car doors to measuring die-cast parts," said Mr. Jeff Wang.

Mr. Xiaoxiang He, Product Manager at Scantech, introduced DefinSight, the company's all-in-one software platform. Attendees gained insights into its streamlined processes and enhanced efficiency, which are compatible with Scantech's entire range of 3D scanners and systems.

Mr. Zhe Zhang, Manager of the Automation Department, delved into the latest advancements in automated measurement systems, highlighting the AM-CELL C Series' modular unit design for flexible deployment, ease of operation, and safety. "Our automated 3D measurement systems optimise manufacturing processes, increasing productivity and reducing time-to-market," emphasised Mr. Zhang.

Partner Insights on Automated 3D Measurement and Metrology

Industry partners shared insights on precise automated measurements, emphasising their role in achieving product excellence and quality control. Their engaging speeches underscored the significance of cutting-edge technologies in various sectors.

Hands-on Experience and Training Sessions

A dedicated Product Exchange and Experience Exhibition Area allowed attendees to immerse themselves in the latest products and technologies, including the NimbleTrack Wireless 3D Scanning System and AM-CELL C Series Automated 3D Measurement System. Specialised training sessions facilitated discussions on product functionality and technical exchanges, empowering industries to explore new development opportunities in 3D digitization.

Scantech's commitment to innovation and excellence aims to empower manufacturers worldwide to achieve precision, efficiency, and quality in their processes. As pioneers in 3D measurement, Scantech continues to deliver unparalleled precision and efficiency with its range of 3D scanners and systems.

A global provider of comprehensive 3D solutions, specialising in R&D, production, and sales of 3D scanners and systems. With a long history of hardware and software development, Scantech offers industrial high-precision 3D scanners and professional, cost-effective 3D scanners, catering to various industry needs.
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