Published on 15-Jun-2023

Engineering Council Unveils Revamped International Recognition Titles for Enhanced Professional Mobility.

Engineering Council Unveils Revamped International Recognition Titles for Enhanced Professional Mobility.

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Engineering Council Introduces New International Recognition Titles and Streamlined Application Process

The Engineering Council has made significant changes to its international recognition titles, aiming to enhance professional mobility for engineers and technicians worldwide. One of the notable updates is the inclusion of the International Engineering Technician (IntETn) title, which is now being awarded by the Engineering Council for the first time. Additionally, certain aspects of the European Engineer (Eur Ing) title have recently undergone modifications.

The Engineering Council plays a vital role in facilitating the recognition and mobility of engineers and technicians on an international scale. Through collaborations and agreements, the council grants international professional titles that promote competency and elevate standards in the engineering field.

Formerly known as "Eur Ing," the title has been rebranded as the "Eur Ing Certificate." Delivered by Engineers Europe, this certificate serves as a testament to the competence of professional engineers, enabling their global mobility and fostering improvements in engineering quality through the establishment, monitoring, and review of standards.

To apply for Eur Ing registration in the UK, individuals must be members of a professional engineering institution (PEI) and registered as either Chartered Engineers (CEng) or Incorporated Engineers (IEng) with the Engineering Council. The application process has been streamlined with the introduction of a new e-tool on the Engineers Europe website, enabling faster approval by assessors.

The Eur Ing Certificate requires renewal every five years, necessitating the submission and assessment of evidence of continuing professional development (CPD). Moreover, there have been changes to the associated fees.

Engineers who were registered as Eur Ing prior to January 2023 will retain their titles and remain on the register without being subject to the CPD renewal requirement or higher fees.

Since the introduction of the new title, there has been a substantial increase in applications, with over 60 applications received in the first quarter of 2023 compared to a total of 76 applications in 2022.

In addition to the changes in the Eur Ing title, the Engineering Council has announced that registration for IntETn(UK) is now open to Engineering Technicians (EngTech) who are registered with the council. Eligibility for IntETn(UK) requires a relevant qualification, competence for independent engineering practice as a technician, a minimum of one year of subsequent engineering work experience, and a commitment to ongoing CPD.

The International Register of Engineering Technicians (IntETn), established in 2016 under the Agreement for International Engineering Technicians (AIET), includes a dedicated section managed by the Engineering Council. Registration as an IntETn is renewable every five years and necessitates the demonstration of continued responsibility for relevant engineering work and CPD.

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