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Weld Inspector: PCN Level 2

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Expand your expertise in welding inspection and take your career to new heights with our Weld Inspector: PCN Level 2 course. Designed for individuals with experience in welding inspection, welder training, or welding supervision, this course offers a formal certification route for those seeking to enhance their inspection skills.

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Expand your expertise in welding inspection and take your career to new heights with our Weld Inspector: PCN Level 2 course. Designed for individuals with experience in welding inspection, welder training, or welding supervision, this course offers a formal certification route for those seeking to enhance their inspection skills.

Special Note:
To maximize your success, we strongly advise all candidates attending the 5-day course to allocate ample time for revision before attempting the available Weld Inspector examination options. While the course is open to all candidates, examination criteria may exist based on experience. We recommend that prospective candidates thoroughly read the relevant PCN documentation available here to familiarize themselves with the requirements.

Course Content:
The Weld Inspector: PCN Level 2 course delves into advanced topics to deepen your understanding of welding inspection. Through a comprehensive curriculum, you will explore the following key areas:

Welding Processes: Gain an in-depth understanding of various welding processes, including their principles, techniques, and applications. Develop expertise in assessing weld quality and integrity across different processes.

Consumables: Explore the role of welding consumables and their impact on weld quality. Learn about different types of consumables and their selection criteria to ensure optimal welding results.

Procedures: Familiarize yourself with welding procedures and their significance in maintaining quality and consistency in welding operations. Understand how to analyze and evaluate welding procedures for compliance with industry standards.

Welding Defects: Expand your knowledge of welding defects and their root causes. Learn advanced defect recognition techniques and gain proficiency in analyzing and interpreting defect types and severity.

Specifications: Explore welding specifications and their role in ensuring compliance with industry standards and client requirements. Develop skills in interpreting specifications and applying them to inspection processes.

Specification Analysis: Master the art of analyzing welding specifications to determine inspection requirements and identify critical parameters. Learn how to assess compliance and identify potential areas of concern.

Mechanical Testing of Welds: Gain insights into mechanical testing methods used to evaluate weld strength, ductility, and other mechanical properties. Understand the importance of testing and its relevance to weld quality.

Cutting and Joint Preparation: Explore cutting techniques and joint preparation methods used in welding operations. Learn about different cutting tools, their applications, and the significance of proper joint preparation for successful welds.

Basic Steel Metallurgy: Deepen your understanding of steel metallurgy as it relates to welding. Explore the effects of heat on steel structures, including the formation of the heat-affected zone and its impact on weld quality.

Preheat and Post-heat: Understand the importance of pre-heat and post-heat treatments in welding. Learn how to evaluate and apply proper heat treatments to minimize distortion, control microstructure, and enhance weld properties.

Weld Repairs: Acquire knowledge and skills in assessing and performing weld repairs. Understand the techniques and guidelines for repairing welding defects to restore the integrity of welded structures.

Weld Symbols: Develop proficiency in interpreting and understanding welding symbols and their significance in welding documentation and communication. Gain confidence in reading and comprehending weld symbols.

Practical Exercises: Engage in hands-on practical exercises to apply the theoretical concepts learned throughout the course. Enhance your skills in visual inspection, defect recognition, and evaluation techniques.

Examination Syllabuses: Familiarize yourself with the examination syllabuses and requirements for the Weld Inspector: PCN Level 2 certification. Gain insights into the evaluation criteria and prepare accordingly.

Fit-ups: Refine your skills in assessing fit-ups and ensuring proper alignment and joint configuration before welding. Understand the impact of fit-ups on weld quality and structural integrity.

Our Weld Inspector: PCN Level 2 course is designed to elevate your expertise in welding inspection and prepare you for the challenges of advanced inspection scenarios. By attaining certification at this level, you validate your proficiency and establish yourself as a trusted professional in the field of welding inspection.

Join us on this transformative educational journey and unlock new opportunities for professional growth and recognition. Enroll in our Weld Inspector: PCN Level 2 course today and take your welding inspection career to the next level.

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