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Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

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Ultrasonic Testing (UT) stands as a versatile and indispensable method applicable to a wide array of solid materials, including steel, aluminum, and even plastics.

What will I learn

Course Overview:

Ultrasonic Testing (UT) stands as a versatile and indispensable method applicable to a wide array of solid materials, including steel, aluminum, and even plastics. This non-destructive testing technique empowers you to unearth laminations within materials and detect discontinuities in various components such as plates, welds, and forgings. The remarkable aspect of UT is its capability to perform inspections from just one side of the part, delivering instant results and enabling real-time assessment of equipment conditions.

Dexon's UT certification training not only imparts the theoretical foundations of this method but also offers hands-on laboratory experiences using portable equipment. Our comprehensive course aligns with ASME V and AWS D1.1 codes and adheres to ASNT standards and practices (SNT-TC-1A).

Course Highlights:

1. Comprehensive Theory:

  • In-depth exploration of UT principles and applications.
  • Mastery of the science behind ultrasonic testing for precise flaw detection.

2. Real-world Demonstrations:

  • Live demonstrations conducted by experienced NDT professionals.
  • Practical insights into UT techniques and equipment operation.

3. Hands-On Laboratory Experience:

  • Substantial hands-on laboratory sessions for skill development.
  • Utilization of portable UT equipment to reinforce learning.

4. Material Versatility:

  • Application of UT across a broad spectrum of materials.
  • Detection of laminations, weld flaws, and more in diverse components.

5. Code Compliance:

  • Alignment with industry standards, including ASME V and AWS D1.1 codes.
  • Preparation for code-specific UT inspections and certifications.

6. Instantaneous Results:

  • Harness the power of UT to generate immediate inspection results.
  • Evaluate equipment conditions on the spot while conducting inspections.

7. ASNT Certification Preparation:

Fulfill training requirements for ASNT Level I/II certification.

Gain the knowledge and competence to excel in ASNT certification examinations.

8. Interactive Learning Environment:

  • Engage in interactive discussions and knowledge sharing.
  • Collaborate with instructors and peers to deepen your UT expertise.

9. Course Assessment and Certification:

  • Assess your proficiency in UT techniques.
  • Receive a certification upon successful course completion.

Target Audience:

  • NDT technicians pursuing Level I/II certification.
  • Professionals aiming to expand their NDT skill set.
  • Enthusiasts eager to explore the world of non-destructive testing.

Enroll in Dexon's UT Certification Training: Elevate your NDT career, gain expertise in ultrasonic testing, and prepare for ASNT certification. Master the art of detecting flaws and discontinuities across a wide range of materials, all while enjoying the convenience of real-time results with UT.

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Institute Name : Dexon Training Center

Language : English

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Location : Ban Chang, Rayong

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In-house research development and engineering teams are responsible for tool development as well as offering customized tool modification for the inspection of challenging pipelines. Continuously pushing the limits of what is thought to be possible and innovating to meet client inspection needs and ensure the safe efficient operation of client assets.

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