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Metallurgy for NDT

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Our comprehensive seminar on metallurgy is designed for individuals involved in the design, evaluation, or use of non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques for aerospace products, materials, and structures. The syllabus has been carefully crafted to provide a broad understanding of metallurgy applicable to the aerospace manufacturing industry, covering various materials and in-service defects.

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Metallurgy for Non-Destructive Testing

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Duration: 40 hours

Our comprehensive seminar on metallurgy is designed for individuals involved in the design, evaluation, or use of non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques for aerospace products, materials, and structures. The syllabus has been carefully crafted to provide a broad understanding of metallurgy applicable to the aerospace manufacturing industry, covering various materials and in-service defects. While the course retains its technical value, it is presented in a manner that is accessible to NDT personnel in the airline and manufacturing industries, who may have limited formal education. Prior knowledge of NDT is preferred for participants.

The course not only serves as a valuable resource for professionals but also prepares students intending to take the ASNT Level III or PCN Level 3 examinations, as it covers the Materials and Processes portion of the Basic exam.

Course Content:


  • Overview of the course and objectives

Materials and Processes:

  • Understanding the basic concepts of materials and processes in aerospace manufacturing

Iron and Steel Production:

  • Exploration of iron and steel production methods and their impact on material properties

Grain Size:

  • Importance of grain size and its influence on material strength and characteristics

Ingot Casting:

  • Fundamentals of ingot casting and its role in shaping metallic structures

Recrystallization of Grain Structures:

  • Analysis of grain structure recrystallization and its effects on material properties

Metal Forming:

  • Examination of metal forming techniques used in aerospace manufacturing


  • Understanding welding processes and their impact on material integrity


  • Overview of casting techniques and their implications for material properties

Other Secondary Processes:

  • Discussion of secondary processes in aerospace manufacturing, such as heat treatment and surface treatments

Discontinuities and Defects:

  • Introduction to various types of discontinuities and defects in aerospace materials and structures

Aircraft-Related Materials Science:

  • Overview of metallic structures used in aircraft and their properties

Strengthening of Metals:

  • Understanding methods employed to strengthen metals in aerospace applications

Fracture Life Prediction:

  • Techniques for predicting fracture life in aerospace materials


  • Examination of fatigue behavior in metals and its significance in aerospace applications

Environmental Cracking:

  • Identification and prevention of environmental cracking in aerospace materials

The Selection of a Metal:

  • Considerations for selecting suitable metals for aerospace applications

Airframe Materials:

  • In-depth study of materials used in airframe construction, such as aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, and titanium alloys

Hardness Testing:

  • Principles and applications of hardness testing in aerospace materials

Steels for Use at Elevated Temperature:

  • Understanding the behavior of steels in high-temperature environments

Metals for 500-1150 Degrees Celsius (Superalloys):

  • Exploration of metals suitable for extreme temperature applications

Non-Ferrous Heat Treatment:

  • Overview of heat treatment techniques for non-ferrous metals


  • Introduction to non-metallic materials used in aerospace applications

Adhesives in Aircraft Structures:

  • Understanding the use and properties of adhesives in aircraft structures

Sandwich and Honeycomb Structures:

  • Examination of sandwich and honeycomb structures and their applications in aerospace

Fiber Reinforced Plastic:

  • Study of fiber-reinforced plastics and their role in aerospace manufacturing

NDT Capabilities and Limitations:

  • Discussion of the capabilities and limitations of various NDT techniques


  • Summary of key points covered in the course
  • Purpose and mode of presentation
  • Non-destructive Evaluation Technique Catalogue

Join us for this comprehensive seminar on metallurgy for aerospace NDT, where you will gain valuable insights into materials and processes critical to the industry. Our experienced instructors and comprehensive curriculum ensure that you acquire the knowledge needed to excel in your NDT career.

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