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Welcome to the world of Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT), the forefront of advanced Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques. Join us in this comprehensive introductory course and embark on a transformative learning journey to understand the fundamental principles behind PAUT and explore its wide range of applications.

PAUT stands as the go-to solution for technicians when advanced NDT is mentioned, offering unparalleled capabilities and versatility. In this course, we will delve into the core principles that underpin PAUT, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to harness this cutting-edge technology effectively.

Key topics covered in this course include:

  • Introduction to PAUT: Gain a comprehensive understanding of PAUT and its significance in advanced NDT. Explore the evolution of ultrasonic testing techniques and the unique advantages offered by phased array testing for flaw detection, characterization, and imaging.
  • Basic Principles of PAUT: Uncover the fundamental principles that drive PAUT inspections. Learn about phased array probes, beam steering, focal laws, and the principles of constructive and destructive interference that enable precise control and manipulation of ultrasonic waves.
  • Equipment and Setup: Familiarize yourself with the essential equipment required for PAUT inspections. Understand the components of a typical PAUT system, including the phased array probe, wedges, and the data acquisition unit. Learn the setup procedures and considerations to optimize the performance of the PAUT system.
  • Scanning Techniques: Explore the various scanning techniques employed in PAUT inspections. Learn how to perform linear scans, sector scans, and raster scans to achieve comprehensive coverage of the inspection area. Understand the importance of probe positioning, focal laws, and scanning parameters for accurate flaw detection and imaging.
  • Data Interpretation and Analysis: Acquire the skills to interpret and analyze PAUT data effectively. Learn how to interpret A-scans, B-scans, and C-scans to visualize and identify indications accurately. Explore advanced data analysis techniques, such as sizing, characterization, and imaging algorithms, to extract valuable insights from inspection data.
  • Applications of PAUT: Discover the wide range of applications where PAUT excels as the go-to solution. Explore key industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, oil and gas, and power generation, and learn how PAUT is employed for flaw detection, weld inspection, corrosion mapping, composite testing, and other critical inspections.
  • Best Practices and Limitations: Discover a range of best practices for conducting PAUT inspections. Understand the limitations and challenges associated with PAUT and explore strategies to optimize inspection performance, overcome obstacles, and achieve accurate and reliable results.
  • Unlock the immense potential of Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing and elevate your skills in advanced NDT. Enroll in this comprehensive course and gain the knowledge and expertise to excel in flaw detection, characterization, and imaging using PAUT.

Note: This course assumes a basic understanding of ultrasonic testing principles and equipment.

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