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ASNT IR Level III-Refresher Course

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This is a comprehensive course on Thermal/Infrared Testing: Principles, Techniques, Interpretation, and Safety

What will I learn

Comprehensive Course on Thermal/Infrared Testing: Principles, Techniques, Interpretation, and Safety

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, delegates will have gained a comprehensive understanding of the following topics related to Thermal/Infrared Testing:

  • Principles/Theory: Review the fundamental principles and theories underlying Thermal/Infrared Testing.
  • Conduction: Explore the concept of heat transfer through conduction.
  • Convection: Understand the principles of heat transfer through convection.
  • Radiation: Gain insights into heat transfer through radiation.
  • The Nature of Heat and Heat Flow: Learn about the characteristics of heat and heat flow.
  • Temperature Measurement Principles: Understand the principles involved in temperature measurement.
  • Proper Selection of Thermal/Infrared Testing: Learn how to appropriately select Thermal/Infrared testing methods based on specific requirements.
  • Equipment/Materials: Explore the equipment and materials used in Thermal/Infrared testing.
  • Temperature Measurement Equipment: Familiarize yourself with the various types of temperature measurement equipment.
  • Heat Flux Indicators: Understand the use and performance parameters of heat flux indicators.
  • Performance Parameters of Non-Contact Devices: Gain insights into the performance parameters of non-contact temperature measurement devices.
  • Techniques: Learn different techniques employed in Thermal/Infrared testing.
  • Contact Temperature Indicators: Gain knowledge of contact temperature indicators.
  • Non-Contact Pyrometers: Understand the principles and usage of non-contact pyrometers.
  • Infrared Line Scanners: Explore the applications and operation of infrared line scanners.
  • Thermal/Infrared Imaging: Learn the techniques and interpretation of thermal/infrared imaging.
  • Heat Flux Indicators: Understand the use of heat flux indicators in Thermal/Infrared testing.
  • Exothermic or Endothermic Investigations: Explore investigations related to exothermic or endothermic processes.
  • Friction Investigations: Gain insights into investigations involving frictional heat.
  • Fluid Flow Investigations: Understand how Thermal/Infrared testing is applied in fluid flow investigations.
  • Thermal Resistance (Steady State Heat Flow): Learn about investigations involving thermal resistance and steady-state heat flow.
  • Thermal Capacitance Investigations: Explore investigations related to thermal capacitance.
  • Interpretation/Evaluation: Develop skills in interpreting and evaluating Thermal/Infrared testing results.
  • Procedures: Familiarize yourself with the procedures involved in conducting Thermal/Infrared testing.
  • Safety and Health: Understand the importance of safety and health considerations in Thermal/Infrared testing.
  • Safety Responsibility and Authority: Learn about safety responsibilities and authority in the context of Thermal/Infrared testing.
  • Safety for Personnel: Gain knowledge of safety practices for personnel involved in Thermal/Infrared testing.
  • Safety for Client and Facilities: Understand safety measures to protect clients and testing facilities.
  • Safety for Testing Equipment: Learn about safety practices to ensure the well-being of testing equipment.

Throughout the course, delegates will engage in interactive learning activities, including theoretical discussions, practical demonstrations, and case studies. These activities are designed to enhance your understanding of the principles, techniques, interpretation, procedures, and safety considerations associated with Thermal/Infrared testing.

Join us to gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in the field of Thermal/Infrared testing and ensure the safe and accurate execution of testing procedures.

About this institute

Institute Name : NDT Worldwide

Language : English

Charge : Paid

Location : Guntur

Mode : Online

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