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Radiography Testing procedure

Radiography Testing procedure

An Important principle of Radiography Testing procedure is

How to arrange for Radiography Testing?

Radiography is Non destructive testing method, which utilizes penetrating electromagnetic radiation for capturing the volumetric images of an object on film or digitally in a computer.

Radiography testing broadly uses any of the two types of radiation X ray or Gamma Ray for this purpose.

Gamma Ray Emitted from radio decaying isotopes. In this case radiation strength cannot be increased or decreased for purpose of inspection components of different material and different thickness. Instead only the expose time can be controlled. After  calculated exposure time, the radiation emitting source is sent back in to a shielded enclosure.

X Rays are produced by a electrical system. In this case the strength of radiation can be controlled in relative to the component atomic number and thickness of material.

Here we are going to see how to make the radiographic set up and exposure ?

How to calculate the Source to Film Distance ?

How to calculate the exposure time?

Where to place the radiation source ?

radiography testing procedure

Minimum Source to Film Distance calculation

Initially for calculating the SFD , first find out the maximum geometric un-sharpness allowed as per standard

Un-sharpness is the loss of definition for details in the film image as shown below

radiography testing principle

Maximum Unsharpness allowed is given in the below table as per ASME Section V Article 2

radiography testing procedure


radiography testing services

Knowing the Source size S, Object to Film Distance set   and Ug Value from the given table. The unknown minimum Source to Object Distance (SOD)  can be found,

The Source to film distance (SFD) = SOD + OFD

And Exposure Time can be calculated by the below formula

  • Exposure time = SFD2 x EF x FF  / Curie strength
  • For Ex-Factor refer table, Film Factor refer table.

radiographic testing pdf

radiography testing film factor

Knowing the calculated SFD and Film density D being used and Source type being used we can calculate the Exposure time required for Radiography shooting .

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