Published on 10-Jun-2024

Eligibility & Requirements Needed for NDT Courses

Eligibility & Requirements Needed for NDT Courses

Sources - IMechInstitute

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As the demand for NDT engineers continues to rise, it’s no surprise to see more and more graduates opting for NDT training. With this training, the road to becoming an NDT engineer is half traveled as it prepares students beforehand and helps them gain hands-on experience and skill sets.

What is an NDT course? - Within the realm of Non-Destructive Testing, the Level 3 designation stands as the pinnacle of certification for NDT professionals. Those holding these credentials are required to fulfill the NDT Level 3 requirements and bear the responsibility of rendering crucial judgments, formulating NDT protocols, and supervising the comprehensive caliber, and soundness of NDT techniques within an establishment. Moreover, they assume a pivotal function in imparting guidance and bestowing certification upon NDT Level 1 and Level 2 individuals.

If you endeavor to become an engineer with an NDT qualification for a fulfilling career with six figures income and career stability, here is the eligibility criterion you must meet for NDT courses.