Published on 25-Sep-2023

Inspection Tools: A Guide to Tools Inspectors Use in Their Daily Work

Inspection Tools: A Guide to Tools Inspectors Use in Their Daily Work

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Non-destructive Testing is a vital practice in the industry that allows for the assessment of material integrity and structural soundness without causing any harm to the tested objects. By using NDT inspection tools, professionals can detect defects and irregularities without causing any damage to the components being tested. Let's discuss inspection tools, equipment, and other inspection instruments.

What are NDT Inspection Tools?

In the field of Non-destructive Testing, a diverse array of specialised instruments and techniques are meticulously employed to evaluate the structural integrity of materials and components without inducing any harm or alterations. These sophisticated NDE Tools and Equipment serve as pioneers in ensuring the dependability and safety of engineering elements, permitting the identification of latent flaws, discontinuities, or weaknesses without necessitating disassembly or damage.

Common Inspection Tools Used in NDT

Common inspection tools in quality control and NDT includes Ultrasonic Testing Equipment, eddy current testing devices, radiographic inspection tools, and magnetic particle inspection instruments. These tools are essential for detecting defects such as cracks, corrosion, inclusions, or voids in various materials like metals, composites, and ceramics. Here is a list of inspection tools and equipment. 

1. Ultrasonic Testing Tools