Ultrasonic Testing on tanks/pipeline

By: Vigneshwaran Chandrasekaran | Jun 18, 2020 14:22 PM
Ultrasonic Testing on tanks/pipeline

Ultrasonic Testing on tanks/pipeline:

Oil and gas pipelines are designed with wall thickness considering the facts of Design pressure + Corrosion allowance +safety factor.

Corrosion thickness testing Using UTT:

  • The corrosion allowance is decided by pre-existing data of corrosion rate for a specific environment and carrying liquid.
    Based on the corrosion rate the life of the pipeline or tanks is estimated.
  • There are also possibilities that the corrosion rate may vary than predicted. Depending on the climate and processing fluids characteristics.
  • So the wall thickness should be periodically checked to monitor the reduction in wall thickness. If any low thickness areas, lower than the minimum allowed wall thickness is noticed, the pipeline or tank shall be repaired.
  • And also if the rate of corrosion is noted to be at a faster than estimated the pipeline or tanks life shall be redefined and next inspection period shall be planned earlier than planned initially.

Corrosion rates can be calculated by finding the difference between previous thickness reading and current thickness reading and dividing the data by the time period between the two inspection dates.

We offer ultrasonic thickness gauging and corrosion mapping services for above mentioned purposes. AQC is equipped with advanced Ultrasonic Testing machines to scan on both unpainted and painted surfaces. The reading are presented to companies review for better understanding of their own pipes and tanks.

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