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What does Green NDT mean?


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NDT-WebSession day this week!

Topics as follows:

- What does GREEN NDT mean?
- The carbon footprint of NDT consumables
- Basic knowledge about aerosol spray cans (1):
Volume and content
- Material Safety Data Sheets: How to read and understand

All presentations will be held in English and German.

About PFINDER Chemie

We are solution PFINDER

Our talent? We already have the solution to tomorrow's challenges. And this for over 130 years.

We keep thinking

What we do, we do right. We are absolute experts. PFINDER thinks threefold further: for the customer, the employees and the environment.

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Customer loyalty of an average of more than 25 years – figures that speak for themselves. Figures that reflect our personal commitment to a long-term successful relationship with our customers and partners.

We are the world market leader

We have been the world market leader in cavity preservation for over 50 years. PFINDER has been one of the world's top suppliers in the field of penetration and magnetic powder testing for many years.

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