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WeldTechTalk Episode 14

Welding and NDE of Small-bore Super Duplex Tubes - A case study

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Presenter: Mr. James Bell, Director, Carbon Arc Training and consultancy, UK

When welding Super Duplex, the phase balance within the completed joint is critical for the success of the project. To give certainty around the weldment’s quality, alongside strict welding controls, Radiography and Feritscopes are used to find defects as well as give indications that the required phase balance has been achieved. While these processes have their very definite benefits this presentation will explore a real-world example where the processes have not achieved the level of confidence that the specification writes (Clients) hand in mind.

 The talk will include a technical overview of the following:

  • The expectations around Client specifications when used along side international codes and standards
  • GTAW welding of small bore Super Duplex tubes for high pressure applications
  • Radiography of small-bore pipes and tubes
  • Feritscopes application to determine ferrite phase balance


 “My passion is to support companies improve their processes so that they can better supply their clients and develop their personnel in meaningful ways’” – James Bell Director, Carbon Arc Training and Consultancy Limited.

Issues raised before the webinar will be slotted in as much as possible or can be raised at the Q&A session.

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