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Use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in Predicting Burst Pressure

September! Back to Universities and Schools! Join us to this intersting research conducted by one of our superior master students!


NACE technical committees are a community of end-users, consultants, manufacturers, technologists, researchers, scientists, technicians, military, and governmental bodies united with a common mission: combining industry expertise to establish standard best practices for corrosion control and mitigation.

With more than 300 technical committees and 2,600+ participants, NACE is the leading voice in developing corrosion-related standards and reports that affect your industry:

• Preserve the longevity of products and infrastructure

• Implement proper maintenance and inspection techniques to improve bottom line

• Address gaps in current and newly developing technology

Establish your professional credibility by connecting with world-renowned experts in your field. Your participation in committees advances your career as you help shape the standards that impact the world around you and determine the future of your industry.

Established industry experts also benefit from NACE technical committees. Showcase your expertise to deliver a lasting contribution to the corrosion control industry and pass on your knowledge to the next generation of corrosion professionals.

Benefits of Technical Committee Membership

• Stay on top of state-of-the-art technologies and emerging trends

• Create connections for jobs/career advancement

• Companies benefit from having knowledgeable employees

• Have an impact on standards that affect industry and company products and services

• Develop contacts with fellow members for speedy access to information or experience with corrosion-related problems

• Network with recognized corrosion experts at technical committee meetings

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