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Ultrasonic Inspection Masterclass - The Use of Reflectivity Diagrams and DGS

This Webinar will cover the use of Reflectivity Diagram and DGS, an Essential Skillset for Advanced Ultrasonic Technicians

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This Webinar will cover the use of Reflectivity Diagram and DGS, an Essential Skillset for Advanced Ultrasonic Technicians

Note: All Attendees are Requested to come Prepared with copy of the Reflectivity Diagram from AS2207/AS1065?AS2574 and a Scientific Calculator


The Australian Institute for Non Destructive Testing

Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is the descriptive term used for the examination of materials and components in a way which does not change or destroy their usefulness.

It is used at all stages of plant or equipment construction and for integrity monitoring during operation and maintenance.

NDT plays a crucial role in ensuring cost effective operation, safety and reliability of plant, with resultant benefit to the community.

Benefits provided by the correct application of NDT include:

  • Compliance with technical and statutory requirements
  • Safety of plant and structures
  • Avoidance of loss from breakdown
  • Establishment of fitness for purpose
  • Protection of investments through predictive maintenance.
  • Appropriate Standards

Non-destructive testing is reliable only when undertaken to appropriate standards. To ensure this a wide range of national and international standards are documented which covers specific industry needs.

Non-Destructive Testing?

All principal methods of non-destructive testing are covered by Australian Standards. Major manufacturing construction and maintenance standards reference NDT requirements, together with acceptance standards. AINDT plays a major role in the development and updating of standards through representation on appropriate Standards Australia industry panels.


Branch and Federal Awards are made annually in a number of categories such as the J H Cole Award for significant contribution to the NDT Industry and also AINDT Examination awards which are available to candidates whom gain the best scores in both theory and practical examination results. Further details of these award can be found in the AINDT bi-monthly journal - The Industrial Eye or by contacting the AINDT federal office. 

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