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The World of NDE 4.0: Let the Journey Begin

Join Dr. Ripi Singh and Dr. Johannes Vrana LIVE on 5 May as they discuss the world of NDE 4.0. This webinar will inspire you to address the next revolution of NDE / NDT

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Join Dr. Ripi Singh and Dr. Johannes Vrana LIVE on 5 May as they discuss the world of NDE 4.0. This webinar will inspire you to address the next revolution of NDE / NDT. Register today at 


Digital transformation of nondestructive inspection systems is inevitable. Pursuit of this opportunity amid uncertainty makes “a well-defined purpose” and “robust process” essential. This conversation will provide an overview of the purpose of NDE 4.0 (why?), underlying technologies (what?), and ways to overcome the challenges (how?) to successfully pursue the confluence of emerging digital technologies with the evolving physical world of nondestructive inspection.

The speakers’ objective is to inspire readers, leaders, and the community to address the next revolution in this new digital-physical confluence in nondestructive evaluation, with a purpose to concurrently enhance safety and bring economic value to stakeholders of the inspection ecosystem. System-level integration of digital technologies such as machine learning, extended reality, artificial intelligence, and automation will create a platform where specific applications can evolve to make inspections more reliable and cost-effective.

The NDE 4.0 revolution can be compared to the development of the smartphone where the integration of wi-fi, processor, memory, GPS, camera, display, and a bunch of other sensors has completely changed the world in 10 years, in ways that were not originally perceived. Such is the exponential power of digital-physical integration in NDT. We cannot predict all of the changes, but we must prepare and work through the challenges associated with technology integration and adoption for nondestructive testing and evaluation.


Dr. Ripi Singh

Dr. Ripi Singh is now a purposeful innovation coach with a lifetime of learning in technology, people, and process development. It all started with an aging airplane program in 1992 as a post doc fellow at Georgia Tech. Decades of his research work on fatigue and fracture, damage tolerance, human factors in NDE is well published and frequently referred to. Ripi is now working hard to bring an industry 4.0 perspective and innovation processes to the NDE community and the local startup ecosystem with his virtual coaching lectures and articles. Ripi serves on various university advisory boards, the US delegation to ISO 56000 on Innovation Management, and the International Association of Innovation Professionals. Ripi is an author of 10 books, over 100 peer-reviewed publications, and dozens of invited keynote lectures. Ripi and Johannes have produced the book The World of NDE 4.0, which they will discuss during the presentation.

Dr. Johannes Vrana

Dr. Johannes Vrana is an entrepreneur, physicist, consultant, author, speaker, and trainer with 15+ years experience in NDE and 20+ in data science. His work ranges from applied ultrasonic testing to quantum optics, from quality assurance to science, and from large-scale industries to start-ups. Some of the highlights of his work include a Ph.D. on thermography, former Chairman of the Siemens NDE Council, implementation of ultrasonic computed tomography into serial production, and co-author of the book The World of NDE 4.0: Let the Journey Begin. Dr. Vrana is leading multiple groups in national and international societies, mainly regarding NDE 4.0, digital transformation, and automated testing. He is well-published, editor of the Journal of NDE, editor-in-chief of the Handbook NDE 4.0, and received multiple awards.His company Vrana GmbH specializes in NDE and digital transformation consulting and solutions, R&D, training, and software development. Vrana GmbH offers holistic cyber-physical solutions including NDE and Sensor IIoT integration, digital twin design, and value creation from data.

About American Society for Nondestructive Testing

The American Society for Nondestructive Testing, Inc. (ASNT) is the world's largest technical society for nondestructive testing (NDT) professionals. Through our organization and membership, we provide a forum for exchange of NDT technical information; NDT educational materials and programs; and standards and services for the qualification and certification of NDT personnel. ASNT promotes the discipline of NDT as a profession and facilitates NDT research and technology applications. 

ASNT Mission Statement

ASNT exists to create a safer world by advancing scientific, engineering, and technical knowledge in the field of nondestructive testing.™

ASNT Strategic Objectives

1. Increase participation in society’s activities.

2. Promote an inclusive vision across ASNT’s membership and the NDT community.

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9. ASNT will identify paths for lifelong education and career development within the NDT profession including theory, application and skills for the practitioner, engineer and researcher

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