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The FXE webinar

Learn all about the Comet X-ray FXE microfocus open nano focus and micro focus products.

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When choosing the perfect tube for your application, there’s more than meets the eye than just the image, and it’s tempting to focus solely on resolution, speed, and cost: Three fixed parameters you can compare across spec sheets and price lists.

Find the perfect balance

The complex interplay between power and resolution, deterioration and efficiency, flexibility and dedication - impact ultimate performance and total cost. There is always a compromise to be made – and the FXE is designed to maximize the possibilities of these delicate combinations while maintaining valuable uptime and the longevity of your system.

Take the long view

Add to this platform independence for seamless integration, global support by an established industry leader in consultation, service, and local spare part availability, and you have the ideal solution that takes into account details you need to consider for your next project.

The FXE webinar

Product Manager Dirk Schneider and Market Segment Manager Anthony Williams will be presenting the FXE modules at the webinar. 

Talking points: 

  • Highest resolution inspection & measurement
  • Stable emission over long & repeated scans
  • Unlimited lifetime - easily replaceable wear parts
  • Best-in-class support to FXE users via our OEM’s

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November 30th, 

09:00 CET - Central European Time

16:00 CST - China Standard Time


Customers trust us to challenge the limits of what can be revealed. By pioneering intelligent X-ray technologies, we provide safer, more economical, trail-blazing solutions that enable our customers to navigate their own voyage of discovery.

Accepting this challenge demands extraordinary commitment. We invest talent and resources in creating brighter ways of exposing hidden worlds through the application of energized light. Light is at the core of everything we do, illuminating the path ahead. And with light comes revelation.

The transparency and clarity of the data we reveal, empowers our customers to make enlightened business decisions. These decisions have an impact on our mutual security and efficiency, accelerating our common journey to a sustainable planet.

Because when we see things clearly, the right way forward is obvious.

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