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Safer High Temperature Inspections with Proceq UT8000 & Ionix HS582i HT Provs

Proceq & Ionix Advanced Technologies UK will be jointly conducting this remote workshop.

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Proceq & Ionix Advanced Technologies UK will be jointly conducting this remote workshop. Firstly, Proceq Product Manager Mr. Chris Udell will provide an overview of the revolutionary wireless Flaw Detector, the Proceq UT8000 & then, the Ionix Product Manager Dr William Vickers will provide an overview and demonstration of the Ionix HotSense™ ultrasonic technology for making thickness measurements using the Proceq UT8000 at high temperatures (up to 550°C). The workshop will demonstrate how inspectors can collect more accurate and reliable high temperature measurements, in less time and with reduced health and safety risks compared to standard ultrasonic systems. The workshop will cover inspections with the new HS582i dual element probe as well as how traditional measurements can be evaluated remotely, to reduce the requirement to mobilize level 3 experts to site.
3 key very powerful applications we will show on our UT8000 with the Ionix HT probes:
1. Time rewind on very high temp,
2. Grid mode and
3. Appendable measurements and photos for the embedded system

About Proceq SA

Proceq of Switzerland was founded in 1954 and is a leading manufacturer of high quality portable testing solutions for many different industries. The company’s strong research and development team at its headquarters in Switzerland continues to create Swiss-manufactured products which feature latest technology and set industry standards. With subsidiaries in North and South America, United Kingdom, Russia, the Middle East, China and Singapore, the company provides its international customers with excellent local support.

Proceq SA is an ISO 9001 and IQNet certified company.

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