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Safe, Non-Intrusive Anhydrous Ammonia Tank Inspections

Explore the benefits of non-intrusive inspection for anhydrous ammonia tanks using robot-based ultrasonic and phased array techniques.

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Safe, Non-Intrusive Anhydrous Ammonia Tank Inspections

Presenters: Dave Kahan & Brian O'Leary

In the power and chemical industries, anhydrous ammonia plays an essential role in the decomposition of nitrous oxides to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Because anhydrous ammonia is lethal in low concentrations, it creates a number of challenges for the safe maintenance and inspection of the pressure vessels it's stored in. However, non-intrusive inspections utilizing robot-based NDT techniques eliminate safety concerns and provide the required coverage and data for API 510 external in lieu of internal deferrals. 

On Wednesday, April 27th at 2:00PM ET, join Dave Kahan, Director of Power, and Brian O'Leary, API Program Manager, as they explain the benefits of non-intrusive inspections using robot-based ultrasonic and phased array techniques, supported by case studies from some of the largest power generators in the country.


  • Identify the challenges associated with maintaining and inspecting anhydrous ammonia tanks.
  • Learn about new automated tools for performing API 510 compliant external in lieu of internal inspections on the base metal and weld seams.
  • Understand the benefits of API 510 deferral inspections including safety, efficiency, and actionable data.
  • Validate the efficacy of automated methods using case studies.


Gecko Robotics protects and maintains civilization’s most critical infrastructure through machines and platforms. Inspections with Gecko are faster, safer, and provide plants with the data to be proactive about the health of their assets.

Gecko Robotics combines logistical simplicity, speed, and a range of inspection strategies to provide a targeted and economical solution for asset reliability and maintenance.

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