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Pipeline Encroachment and Surface Loading Analysis Methods

Population growth continues to increase the strain on buried pipelines, particularly related to crossings.

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Join this introductory 1-hour webinar with Technical Toolboxes and Dr Benjamin Zand to get an overview of pipeline encroachment and the available surface loading stress analysis models available to measure the risk to buried pipelines from crossings. We will look at the benefits and downsides to each analysis model, and also provide real-world examples of these models in action using Technical Toolboxes Pipeline Toolbox (including the recent addition of CEPA standards!) 

About Technical Toolboxes

Founded in 1996, Technical Toolboxes is an industry leader in pipeline software. Our software products, training services, and online resources have transformed how hundreds of midstream oil and gas pipeline companies do business. We are committed to delivering outstanding tools and enabling pipeline operators to reduce risk and increase free cash flow. Engineers use our software and training in their offices and in the field to manage even the most complex projects.

Technical Toolboxes offers comprehensive software and continuing education solutions to the industry through a combination of internal R&D and partnering with industry leaders to integrate Intellectual Property sources and Key Data Assets. In the presence of an ever-changing regulatory compliance environment, Technical Toolboxes keeps pipeline engineers, inspectors, and consultants up-to-date. We work with industry leaders to create an integrated marketplace for specialized engineering software and training that provides the expertise and direction needed by the industry. Our experienced and dedicated team provides the fuel necessary for the continued success of Technical Toolboxes. We are pioneers who develop best-in-class technologies, verify working products and services, and contribute to pipeline industry research.

Technical Toolboxes is the leading provider of cloud and desktop-based solutions serving the entire pipeline industry: upstream, midstream, and downstream. We provide online resources and technical training for pipeline professionals around the world. Our clients and partners rely on our technology and knowledge to enhance their pipeline engineering performance.

The Pipeline Hub provides an integrated set of tools for daily safety assessment for all aspects of a pipeline lifecycle, including design, construction, operations, and integrity management. The applications it offers have been game-changers for energy personnel managing pipeline operations.

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