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Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation for Concrete Foundations

Discover latest insights into Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation for Concrete Foundations with FPrimeC Solutions Inc.'s webinar. The NDT/NDE techniques can enhance quality control/assurance of new foundations and assess existing ones.

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FPrimeC Solutions Inc. is conducting a webinar on ""Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation for Concrete Foundations."" As the need for sustainable construction practices grows, the importance of effectively assessing and reusing concrete foundations becomes paramount. In this presentation.

We'll begin by revisiting existing testing protocols for concrete foundations, exploring how increased testing during the construction phase can significantly enhance the quality and reliability of structures. Our discussion will encompass various NDT/NDE methods that aid engineers in both the quality control/quality assurance of new foundations and the assessment of existing ones.

Key topics to be covered include:

  • Introduction to NDT/NDE techniques for concrete foundations.
  • Application of NDT/NDE in quality control/quality assurance of new foundations.
  • Assessment methodologies for existing concrete foundations and footings.
  • Review of several NDT/NDE tests, including:
  • Low Strain Pile Integrity Test
  • Crosshole Sonic Logging
  • Thermal Integrity Profiling
  • Pile Dynamic Analysis
  • Assessing Concrete Mechanical and Durability Parameters
  • Determining physical dimensions (depth, width, length)
  • Identifying layout and depth of steel bars
  • Evaluating overall structural integrity (detecting voids)
  • Assessing corrosion activity in foundations and footings

Join to gain valuable insights into enhancing the sustainability, reliability, and longevity of concrete foundations through advanced NDT/NDE techniques.

About FPrimeC Solutions

FPrimeC Solutions is a technology startup in Ottawa, Canada. We develop innovative testing solutions for cost-effective and reliable assessment of infrastructure facilities. Research and development is at the core of our business and our identity as a technology company. At FPrimeC Solutions, we are committed to bringing leading technologies and making the next generation of testing solutions that help our customers succeed.

At FPrimeC Solutions, we are committed to bringing leading technologies and creating exciting products that help our customers succeed in their business. Our product development starts with evaluating our customers needs, what are their ongoing challenges and problems. Our researchers and engineers then start studying potential solutions; we take these solutions, and turn them into exciting products that will shape the future of testing materials and structures.

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