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Mobile hardness testing with UCI and LEEB - a critical comparison

Get to know the UCI and LEEB technology with their unique capabilities.

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Get to know the UCI and LEEB technology with their unique capabilities. A comparison of the two technologies clarifies the areas of application and highlights the advantages of each technology even more. Let yourself be surprised which of the two technologies is particularly suitable for you.

About FOERSTER Group

FOERSTER - Your partner for non-destructive material testing

Since 1948, the name FOERSTER has been synonymous with highest quality and precision. We develop and produce instruments and systems for the non-destructive testing of metallic materials, metal detection and magnetics.

With electromagnetic testing methods such as eddy current or flux leakage testing, but also by means of ultrasound and inductive heat flow thermography, we, as technology leader, make surface defects visible. Using highly sensitive fluxgate magnetometers, our detection devices also locate precisely contaminated sites, UXO and archaeological artefacts. Instruments for determining magnetic properties and for hardness testing of metallic components round off our comprehensive portfolio.

In addition to the development of individual instruments, our expertise lies in the implementation of complete, customer-specific test lines and their automation. With our Business Solutions we offer you additional comprehensive services. We see ourselves as a partner for the entire product life cycle: from development, design and production to service and training.

Our qualified sales and service network is active for you in more than 60 countries worldwide. Making quality visible.

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