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Inspection of Corrosion at Pipe Supports

Pipeline integrity is a critical concern across industries, and addressing corrosion at pipeline supports is a paramount challenge.

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Pipeline integrity is a critical concern across industries, and addressing corrosion at pipeline supports is a paramount challenge. Join us for this invaluable, complimentary webinar as we delve into the complexities surrounding the inspection of these hard-to-access areas and explore proactive strategies to mitigate maintenance costs and the looming specter of pipeline failure.

Inadequate management of pipework lifespan often culminates in incidents that cast a shadow over safety and production within the Oil and Gas sector. These events can trigger costly production facility shutdowns, pose environmental threats, or compromise the safety of personnel.

A central issue lies in the corrosion of areas that defy conventional inspection methods, notably pipe supports. The presence of these supports renders these zones susceptible to corrosion while rendering them inaccessible to standard Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques. This limitation severely compromises the reliability of data acquired through NDT inspections. Precise through-wall sizing, in particular, poses a formidable challenge due to support-induced obstructions, the variable nature of corrosion, and the inherent risks associated with lifting an in-service pipe. Moreover, many existing NDT techniques exhibit limitations concerning the types of pipe supports they can accommodate, as well as applicable pipe diameters and wall thicknesses.

This webinar unveils a transformative initiative—a Joint Industry Project (JIP) spearheaded by TWI. Under this project, TWI collaborates with facility operators to trial and assess several NDT techniques specifically engineered to inspect corrosion at pipe supports. The endeavor seeks to identify and rank the most promising inspection methods for detecting and quantifying corrosion in these inaccessible regions. Upon the conclusion of evaluations, the project will disseminate insights and data regarding the top-performing inspection method(s) to the sponsor group. Subsequently, this information will inform the development of equipment- and system-specific procedures tailored to the sponsors' requirements. Collaboration with key equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers is integral to the preparation for validating these successful Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) methods. The sponsor group will tailor the project's scope to align with their specific needs, capitalizing on TWI's deep-seated understanding of industry-shared concerns. This strategic positioning ensures that the project's outcomes translate into tangible benefits for stakeholders.

Who Should Attend:

  • Plant Owners
  • Pipeline Operators
  • Third-Party Maintenance Providers 
  • Inspection Engineers

To ensure global accessibility, this webinar will run on multiple dates and times. Please register for the session that corresponds to your time zone.

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