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Expert Tips For Making Faster Decisions With X-ray Fluorescence (XRF)

Want to learn how to make faster decisions and improve your XRF program? Join our expert, Matt Kreiner, on November 17th to learn how in our next webinar in partnership with Products

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Coatings analysis with XRF is a long-established practice for verifying the thickness and composition of coatings for a range of industries.  It is known for being a reliable and easy technique, and users are generally accustomed to the routine nature of operating this type of analyzer. However, many users are not fully utilizing the capabilities of their XRF which could be saving you both time and money.

From automated focusing routines for increased testing throughput, to image processing software to measure the right spot every time, our product expert will help you discover these and several additional advanced features to help you improve your XRF program.  

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