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Dry Film Thickness Probe Selection - Choosing the right probe for the job

Anodizers! Sign up for our upcoming webinar with Jay Kunick on February 24 at 2PM EDT. Jay will be discussing factors to consider when choosing a probe for coating thickness measurement.

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A short webinar featuring Jay Kunick of Fischer Technology as he discusses the factors to consider when choosing a probe to measure DFT coating thickness.

About Helmut Fischer Global

Helmut Fischer GmbH is a global market leader in high-precision measurement technology. For the past 65 years, the company has developed and produced instruments for coating thickness measurement, material analysis and material testing. Fischer’s promise of "Measuring Made Easy"​ expresses its commitment to customer friendliness. Robust devices, intuitive user interfaces and excellent service – these are the hallmarks of the Fischer Group, with 21 subsidiaries and over 50 agencies worldwide.

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