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Best practices for on-stream UT

Ionix Advanced Technologies Ltd is conducting a webinar on "Best practices for on-stream UT" to discover how to ensure safe, reliable, and high-quality on-stream ultrasonic measurements. The candidates attending can learn from live demonstrations and industrial case studies across various sectors.

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Ionix Advanced Technologies Ltd. is conducting reliable, and high-quality on-stream ultrasonic measurements with ASG Hotsenseli and Alliance Solutions Group (ASGNDT). In collaboration with lonix, this exclusive webinar will delve into the best practices for on-stream UT, offering invaluable insights for professionals across the refining, mining, energy, nuclear, and process sectors.

Scheduled for 19th March 2024 at 12 noon AWST, this online event promises to be an enriching experience, featuring live demonstrations and real-life industrial case studies.

About Ionix Advanced Technologies LtdIonix

Ionix are the creators of a variety of proprietary high performance piezoelectric materials that can operate in extreme environments, enabling it to supply sensors, actuators and transducers which address applications and markets not accessible to existing piezoelectric technologies and systems. Ionix also offer condition monitoring and NDT testing services.

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