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Automated 100% Metal Analysis with In-Line XRF

The webinar by Thomas Sauer is about the VANTA iX XRF system's capabilities in metal analysis and alloy determination.

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Automated 100% Metal Analysis with In-Line XRF System VANTA iX

Webinar Details:

  • Capabilities of VANTA iX XRF System
  • Explore the functionalities of the VANTA iX XRF system in metal analysis and alloy determination.
  • 100% Routine Testing
  • Learn how the VANTA iX ensures 100% routine testing with remarkably short analysis times.
  • Integration into Existing System Controls
  • Understand the seamless integration of the VANTA iX into pre-existing system controls for enhanced efficiency.
  • User-Friendly and Low Training Requirement
  • Discover the user-friendly interface of the VANTA iX, which requires minimal training for optimal operation.

Application Examples:

The webinar will elaborate on real-world application examples, including mix-up testing, material analysis, and layer thickness measurement on pipes, rods, profiles, sheets, and components.

Presenter: Thomas Sauer

Senior Product and Application Specialist XRF

Bringing over 25 years of expertise in X-ray fluorescence analysis across diverse application areas, Thomas Sauer is a seasoned professional in the realm of metal analysis and alloy determination. His extensive experience encompasses the use of both mobile and automated in-line XRF systems.

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis, a globally recognized method for non-destructive material analysis, has evolved beyond traditional laboratory settings. Utilizing cutting-edge X-ray tubes, detectors, and electronics for data acquisition and processing, XRF has seamlessly transitioned into automated production lines for over 15 years.

Advancements in component miniaturization and data acquisition technologies have paved the way for the creation of a compact, robust 24/7 XRF system—the VANTA iX. This system can be effortlessly integrated into existing production lines, offering a sophisticated solution for automated metal analysis.

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