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AST Non-Intrusive Inspection: Optimizing API 653 Inspections and Driving Operational Efficiencies

API 653 inspections have long been a mandatory requirement for tank owners.

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API 653 inspections have long been a mandatory requirement for tank owners. Today, these inspections can be seamlessly conducted without disrupting production processes. This remarkable advancement is made possible by cutting-edge robotic technologies that enable the inspection of critical tank components without the need for downtime, thereby eliminating the opportunity cost of taking valuable assets offline.

In this enlightening webinar, Inspectioneering collaborates with Ron Preston, Director of Oil and Gas at Gecko Robotics, to delve into the innovative world of API 653 inspections empowered by robotics. Robotic crawlers, equipped with ultrasound and high-definition cameras, now possess the capability to scrutinize tank shells and roofs externally, effectively identifying corrosion, pitting, and other damage mechanisms impacting the inner and outer dimensions of the base material.

Submersible robotic crawlers have pushed the envelope even further, demonstrating the ability to navigate through various refined products to reach the tank floor. Once there, they perform essential ultrasonic testing, visual inspections, and settlement surveys. The synergy of these techniques comprehensively satisfies API requirements for both external and internal inspections, thus enabling the deferral of future inspections where permissible.

This engaging discussion, scheduled for Wednesday, October 18 at 1:00 PM CDT, serves as a golden opportunity to explore the latest technological advancements that have redefined API 653 inspections, driving operational efficiencies and minimizing disruption. The presentation will conclude with a brief yet informative Q&A session, addressing questions submitted by participants during the webinar.

Participation in this transformative webinar is complimentary, and registration is hassle-free. To embark on this enlightening journey, simply click the registration button below to get started. Join the discussion and stay at the forefront of industry innovation.

About Gecko Robotics

Gecko Robotics is helping the world’s most important organizations ensure the availability, reliability, and sustainability of critical infrastructure. Gecko's complete and connected solutions combine wall-climbing robots, industry-leading sensors, and an AI-powered data platform to provide customers with a unique window into the current and future health of their physical assets. This enables real-time decision-making to increase the efficiency and safety of operations, promoting mission readiness, and protecting the environment and civilization from catastrophic failure.

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