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Advanced Inspection Solutions for Wind Tower Welds

In this week’s webinar, learn about our latest solutions for wind tower weld inspection using PAUT and TOFD techniques, from advanced software optimized for weld inspection to autonomous guided vehicle (AGV) systems. Register now for free!

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Strong decarbonization targets undertaken by many countries has renewed focus on developing cleaner energy supply chain over the world. The past few years have seen a rapid increase in number of wind farms and new wind tower construction projects in and around Asia Pacific. The accelerated pace of wind tower construction needs high throughput and increased workflow productivity during inspection to keep pace with the fabrication. Phased Array Ultrasound Testing (PAUT) and Time of Flight diffraction (ToFD) are the primary inspection methodology for wind tower welds during fabrication as well as In-service. Improving inspection efficiency requires simultaneous development effort on both hardware and software functionalities to reduce inspection bottlenecks.

In this presentation, we will discuss some of the new Olympus offerings from a simple portable solution to inspection with an Autonomous Guided Vehicle (AGV). We will also demonstrate the Weldsight software, which is used across all solutions to provide a comprehensive and streamlined PAUT & ToFD inspection, analysis, and reporting.


Dennis Chai
NDT Application Manager @Olympus Singapore

Dennis has over 18 years of NDT experience. This includes eight years working as an inspector in the Oil & Gas construction and maintenance industry, utilizing UT, ECT, and MFL techniques and advanced methods such as PA and TOFD. For the last nine years, Dennis has been working on the development, deployment and support of cutting-edge NDT products and solutions in the Asia-Pacific region. Recently he has been heavily involved in the design of novel inspection solutions for austenitic welds, FMC/TFM applications, and corrosion inspections in components with complex geometry.

Prasanth Geddam
NDT Application Specialist @Olympus Singapore

Prasanth has joined Olympus Singapore in 2019 providing application support and training for customers in the Asia Pacific region. He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur (India) with a master’s degree in Metallurgical Engineering, and he has been working in the NDT field for the past 6+ years. He serves several industries and is an expert in PAUT and TOFD inspections. ASNT and PCN level 3 certified in conventional and advanced ultrasonics, he is experienced in various advanced Inspections.

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