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Advanced Horizontal Directional Drilling for Pipelines

LIVE WEBINAR 1 Day – Advanced Horizontal Directional Drilling for Pipelines – Early Bird Pricing Through 3/30

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David Willoughby will present ” Advanced Horizontal  Directional Drilling for Pipelines” as a webinar on April 6, 2022

Early bird pricing through 3/30 (market price $550)

Course Description

The Advanced Horizontal Directional Drilling course is offered as a one-day course that expands on some of the topics covered in our popular HDD course. The advanced course provides advanced coverage of topics such as HDD design, HDD alignment and borehole geometry, HDD constructability, HDD pipeline stress and D/t ratio analysis, HDD cost estimating, subsurface conditions borehole stability, HDD drilling fluids, drilling fluid design and testing, drilling fluid quantity estimating, and drilling fluid monitoring.

Course Objective

This learning opportunity will provide engineers and others working in the HDD industry with advanced coverage of technical information related to HDD design, construction, subsurface conditions and drilling fluids.

Advance HDD Design Considerations

  • Limitations of HDD
  • Alignment/profile/borehole Geometry Considerations
  • Constructability Considerations
  • Geotechnical Investigation Considerations
  • Borehole Stability Considerations

Advance Coverage of Pipeline Stress During HDD

  • Traction Stress
  • Pipeline Elastic  Instability
  • D/t ratio and Pipe Wall Thickness Analysis

HDD Risk/Geotechnical/Contractual Considerations

HDD Cost Estimating

HDD Failure Analysis

HDD Drilling  Fluids

  • Purpose of Drilling Fluids
  • Drilling Fluid Composition
  • Drilling Fluid Behavior
  • Drilling Fluid Recycling & Solids Control
  • Drilling Fluid Hydraulics
  • Drilling Fluid Quantity Estimating

Drilling Fluid Monitoring and Remediation


  • Certificate of completion awarding 7 PDHs
  • Course notes


This webinar receives a 5 star out of 5-star rating!

“The instructor was good at presenting the material. He kept it interesting and engaging at a fair pace.”

“I thought the course was great.” Engaging and solidly founded on technical information and years of experience.

“I thought the content provided a great continuation to the other HDD trainings offered by Technical Toolboxes.”

“Good real-life examples coupled with the methods and calculations relevant to HDD Design.”

“The webinar provided much more information than I had expected. The discussion, as well as the handouts, are extremely beneficial for my current position as a project manager at a natural gas company.”

“Mr. Willoughby is very knowledgeable with the subject matter and presents the information in a nice, professional way. he was able to keep my attention throughout the entire presentation.”

“His experience in the field was obvious and I felt very confident in asking questions.”

“Great discussions, great real-life examples, great slide deck.”

“Very knowledgeable. I was impressed.”

“The webinar provided much more information than I had expected. The discussion as well as the handouts, are extremely beneficial for my current position as a project manager at a natural gas company.”

“Instructor was great.”

Instructor Bio

David A. Willoughby, RK&K Director, Energy & Corrosion (ret)

Mr. Willoughby has 40 years of experience in engineering, pipeline design, corrosion control, and management in the petroleum and utilities pipeline industry. His experience includes gas transmission and distribution systems, petroleum facilities, and water/sewer pipelines from conception through design, construction and testing, economic evaluation, and project field supervision. Mr. Willoughby has been responsible for the design, permitting, inspection, and construction administration of numerous horizontal directional drills (HDD) on pipeline projects. Mr. Willoughby is author of several articles and two books published by McGraw-Hill; Plastic Piping Handbook, 2002 and Horizontal Directional Drilling, 2005.

Mr. Willoughby provides HDD training to the pipeline and utility industries. He has presented HDD training to the engineering workshop at the N.C. Utilities Commission Office of Pipeline Safety Conference, Southern Gas Association Annual Conference and teaches several HDD programs a year for a broad list of clients such as Equitable Resources, Dominion Energy, FERC, National Gas Company of Trinidad, Public Service of NC, Exxon Pipeline, Shell Oil, Atlanta Gas and Light, Dominion Transmission, Columbia Gas Transmission, Colonial Pipeline, Questar Gas Company, Kansas Gas Services, HT Engineering, etc. Mr. Willoughby’s HDD training is used to provide Professional Development Hours (PDU) for professional engineers in many states, including Texas.

About Technical Toolboxes

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