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Advance your NDT with the Kelpie

Offering unparalleled dexterity, the Novosound Kelpie makes inspection simple.

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Managing corrosion is essential to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of critical components and infrastructure. Often, these components - such as oil & gas pipes, boiler tubes or turbine blades – have complex geometrical structures or contoured surfaces which are challenging to inspect.

So, how do you enable efficient and accurate inspection of complex components and tackle hard-to-reach areas?

Offering unparalleled dexterity, the Novosound Kelpie makes inspection simple. The Kelpie’s unique flexibility and low-profile form allows it to flex, twist and bend during scanning. This enables simplified inspection and corrosion mapping of difficult component shapes and surfaces including small-diameter piping and curved surfaces. With the Novosound Kelpie, you only need one tool for every inspection.

Join us as John Bond, Business Development Manager discusses how the Kelpie provides a highly efficient and cost-effective inspection solution – designed to advance your NDT. We will demonstrate how to put the Kelpie to the test with our Evaluation Kit which enables users to assess, calibrate and test the Kelpie for a specific application.

Have a question about the Kelpie? All questions will be answered at a panel Q&A - please submit your questions when signing up or during the live webinar.

About Novosound

A giant leap forward in ultrasound

Novosound has created a groundbreaking technique for the mass-production of printable ultrasound sensors.

Located near Glasgow the company utilises its in-house design and manufacturing capabilities to engineer a thin-film core material that is flexible, extreme temperature resistant, lightweight, low profile, compact, and capable of producing high resolution images.

The Novosound team is made up of scientific, technical and commercial experts who work together with global clients to develop bespoke ultrasound solutions for industrial, medical, dental, veterinary and wearables projects.

Novosound has received a number of awards from leading institutions for its innovative new sensor material.

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