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Acoustography NDE Method and Its Use for UT of Aerospace Composites

Tune into this webinar presented by Jaswinder Singh Sandhu, founder of Santec Systems, Inc. and Ramona Bergó Soto of Arcadia Aerospace Industries to learn more about the cutting-edge NDE method of acoustography. Register for this FREE webinar sponsored by Arcadia Aerospace Industries

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Tune into this webinar to learn more about the cutting-edge NDE method of acoustography, a full-field, large-area ultrasonic imaging technique where a novel, super high-resolution 2D ultrasound detector (AO sensor) is used to produce instant X-ray-like ultrasound images of test parts to reveal anomalies. As demonstrated in a case study, the method is especially useful for the inspection of smaller composite parts, such as T-, L-, and U-shaped clips in aerospace. Acoustography provides a significant advantage over conventional point-by-point C-scans due to higher speed, automated UT without the expense of multi-axes gantries or robots, and even phased array, since minimal training required, making the method suitable for Level 1 UT operators.

Advantages discussed in this webinar include:

  • better quality of inspection data obtained compared to A-scan,
  • digital archiving for later recall,
  • higher efficiency than manual scanning, and
  • inspection of multiple specimens in just one image within seconds.

Webinar sponsored by Arcadia Aerospace Industries, L.L.C.

The intention of ASNT Learn webinars is educational. The presenters’ proprietary interest in the products, instruments, devices, and/or materials contained in the webinar do not carry the endorsement or recommendation of ASNT.


Dr. Jaswinder Singh Sandhu

Dr. Jaswinder “Jas” Singh Sandhu is the founder and owner of Santec Systems Inc. which is the sole developer, manufacturer, and supplier of ACOUSTOGRAPHY NDE solutions, products, and systems. The company is the recipient of numerous Small Business Innovation Research Awards and has collaborated with giants such as Boeing, Airbus, GE Aviation, and other composite users and manufacturers to implement acoustography for ultrasound inspection. Jas is a Fellow of ASNT and the recipient of more than 15 patents. He has authored more than 100 papers, presentations, and reports in the field of acoustography. He was also the recipient of the ASNT “Research Award for Innovation” in 2010 for his innovation of the acoustography NDE method.

Ms. Ramona Bergó Soto

Ramona has a Master’s degree in chemistry with a specialty in material sciences and inorganic chemistry. She has four years of forensic material science investigation from the University of Barcelona and over ten years in materials testing, project management, failure analysis, material characterization, and destructive testing. In addition, Ramona has over ten years in nondestructive testing. In 2019, she earned an ASNT Level 3 certification in ultrasonic testing. Other methods in her repertoire include eddy current, magnetic particle, and dye penetrant. Ramona is employed at Arcadia Aerospace Industries in the position of Materials Specialist and Quality Manager.

About American Society for Nondestructive Testing

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ASNT Mission Statement

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ASNT Strategic Objectives

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