Published on 29-Mar-2023

UniWest Introduces the ECS-4 Handheld Rotating Bolt Hole Scanner

UniWest Introduces the ECS-4 Handheld Rotating Bolt Hole Scanner

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Kennewick, WA – March 29, 2023 – UniWest announces the introduction of the new ECS-4 Handheld Rotating Bolt Hole Scanner.

The new ECS-4 scanner is very lightweight (7 oz) and has an ergonomic form factor, with the probe exiting at a right angle from the scanner. In addition, the ECS-4 boasts variable speed (125 – 2,250 RPM) and increased torque over UniWest’s popular ECS-1 scanner. Three buttons are within easy reach of the user’s thumb: Null, Erase, and On/Off.

The ESC-4 scanner utilizes a rotary transformer to couple eddy current signals from the probe to the instrument. Compatible instruments include the UniWest EVi, EddyView® II, EddyView® Pro, and EddyView® Premium. In addition, the ECS-4 will operate on the NORTEC® 600 and NORTEC® 2000. The ECS-4 probe connector is a 4-pin Fischer connector with O-rings. Compatible probes include the following UniWest probe styles: URB, URBA, US-5000, SSB probes, and some competitors’ probes.

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About UniWest

United Western Technologies Corp (DBA UniWest) is a worldwide leader in the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) industry. We design, manufacture, and service NDT instrumentation and sensors with pride in quality workmanship. Our products can be found in the field, testing jet engine components; in the laboratory, analyzing new & unusual materials; and on the production line, using multi-coil arrays.

UniWest will tailor a complete turnkey sensor & NDT system for your inspection needs. Our goal is to provide a practical and robust solution to your application.

In 1985, UniWest was founded with three employees and one contract. Among our core beliefs is that all clients are treated fairly, with a relationship akin to a doctor and their patient. We want them to know that we believe in confidentiality and our ability to understand and solve their problems. This philosophy of trust and honesty, combined with engineering competence, ensures loyal customers. At UniWest, every employee is dedicated to providing customer satisfaction, a goal our customers expect and deserve. UniWest is proud to be 100% employee-owned, and as a result, our employees are committed to teamwork.

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