Published on 27-Feb-2023

SOLiTHOR and Sonaca Sign New Memorandum of Understanding to Advance the Electrification of Regional Aircraft and Urban Air Mobility

SOLiTHOR and Sonaca Sign New Memorandum of Understanding to Advance the Electrification of Regional Aircraft and Urban Air Mobility

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GENK (Belgium) – 22 February 2023 – The Belgian solid-state Lithium battery technology company SOLiTHOR, and the leading aerospace company, Sonaca, have signed a bilateral Memorandum of Understanding to go into partnership. This partnership denotes that they will jointly develop high-density, safe, rechargeable solid-state Lithium battery systems for Regional Aircraft and Urban Air Mobility. This partnership will also expand to satellite systems as well as defense systems.

This alliance will divide key activities in the research, development,  integration, and production of cells and battery systems designed for powering aircraft. SOLiTHOR will be responsible for cell research, development, format design, testing characterization, and production of a 10Ah-40Ah cell as it forges ahead. Sonaca will develop the battery packaging, including all related management systems. They will also certify the battery system.

The cells will be produced and manufactured by SOLiTHOR in Sint-Truiden, Belgium, Flanders. The aircraft battery systems will be integrated at Sonaca's plant in Charleroi, Wallonia, Belgium.

Sonaca has set itself the ambitious goal of proactively contributing to developing a low-carbon aircraft by 2035 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. That is why to achieve such ambitious goals, the demand for the industry is to produce low noise and energy efficiencies in aircraft powering.

This would allow the industry to make more effective use of small regional airports and go some way to address their under-utilization across the world - especially in the USA and Europe.

SOLiTHOR and Sonaca believe their complementary capabilities will provide the most significant advancements in solid-state Lithium battery systems technologies for all regional aircraft and urban air mobility applications.


SOLiTHOR is a developing pioneer in the design, development, and commercialization of intrinsically safe, high-energy solid-state Lithium cell technology. Having accessed a robust intellectual property portfolio from time, the company has access to over 25 personnel of the highest caliber.

About Sonaca

Sonaca is one of the world leaders in development, manufacturing, assembly, and comprehensive parts supply within the aeronautical sector. Its core competencies are spread across military, defense as well as civil markets. Its 3500 employees work from 6 countries over 3 continents to serve major OEMs and super tier-ones.

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