Published on 01-Apr-2023

N-ERGISE offers first-class support for any energy project

N-ERGISE offers first-class support for any energy project

N-ERGISE, a Great Yarmouth-based company established in 2015, offers innovative and safe solutions to companies operating in onshore and offshore sectors worldwide. According to Adam Tucker, the head of business development and strategy, N-ERGISE is more than just a service company, as it is also an engineering and problem-solving company that can provide plant, equipment, and personnel, as well as turnkey engineered solutions to solve various challenges.

N-ERGISE assists in numerous sectors, some of which are highlighted below:


N-ERGISE can handle large-scale wind projects onshore or offshore. The company provides support from the initial installation to non-destructive testing (NDT), fabric maintenance inspections, and remedial works throughout the entire wind farm construction and operation process. N-ERGISE has completed numerous large projects, including the BorWin3 offshore wind installation in Germany, where it conducted paint inspections, remedial paint repairs, and remedial work on various structures.

Oil and Gas

N-ERGISE also supports various decommissioning projects in the oil and gas sector, providing personnel and surveys to assist in removing offshore platforms that have reached the end of their operational life. The company conducts initial decommissioning studies that involve developing a detailed schedule to identify work breakdown, sequencing, and timelines. N-ERGISE provides various support services for oil and gas operators, including platform inspections, dropped-object studies, paint, repair, and remedial works. The company can also offer welders and scaffolders trained in rope access.


N-ERGISE can provide industrial door installations, load cell inspections and testing, and mechanical and electrical services in the nuclear sector. The company also offers offshore buoy maintenance, innovative design for nuclear projects, and alterations to process plants in stations being decommissioned. N-ERGISE recently completed a decommissioning program for Sizewell A, where it removed various equipment from the offshore inlet and outlet towers that were no longer in use.

Port and Infrastructure

N-ERGISE provides maintenance and repair work for ports across the UK, including the Port of Felixstowe. The company has a team of welders and a supervisor at the port that offers full welding services on a minimum five-day week and an "as required" basis. N-ERGISE repairs essential infrastructure such as cranes and crane rails, trailers, and vehicles used to move equipment or shipping containers. Additionally, the company works on fuel storage sites with the British Pipeline Agency (BPA), conducting electrical installations, tank inspections, and paint and remedial works.

Head of Projects

Tim Crane, who has over 30 years of experience managing large decommissioning projects in the oil and gas sector, joined N-ERGISE as a senior project manager in August 2015 and became the head of projects in June 2018. Tim's experience has allowed him to transfer knowledge and experience from one industry to the next, making him a valuable asset to the company. He has been involved in numerous projects, including the Sizewell A decommissioning and the BorWin3 offshore wind installation in Germany. Tim finds leading the projects teams at N-ERGISE to be high-pressured at times but also interesting and varied, especially in terms of commercial and scheduling aspects of the work.

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