Published on 24-Aug-2023

Manufacturing Analytics Software Fuels 30% Growth for Precision Machining Company

Manufacturing Analytics Software Fuels 30% Growth for Precision Machining Company

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A precision machining firm specializing in extrusion tooling and subcontract machining has achieved remarkable growth, with a 30% increase in turnover attributed to the implementation of a manufacturing analytics platform.

Sterling Machining, based in Chesterfield, made this impressive leap by installing FourJaw's manufacturing analytics platform on 14 of its computer numerical control (CNC) machines. This tech-savvy move was instrumental in supporting the company's ongoing quest for operational excellence.

Andy White, Co-owner and Production Manager at Sterling Machining noted the transformative impact of the platform: "FourJaw’s machine monitoring system has given us valuable data that we use to understand machine utilization, operational efficiency, and profitability. In the last 12 months, our business has grown from £3.8m to £5m turnover."

FourJaw’s MachineLink Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) device stands out for its versatility, allowing easy self-installation on various manufacturing machines, irrespective of brand, type, or age. This accessibility proved ideal for small and medium-sized businesses seeking a cost-effective, straightforward 'plug-and-play' solution. By diligently monitoring and analyzing machine data, FourJaw empowers manufacturers to optimize productivity and enhance profitability.

Moreover, the introduction of Industry 4.0 technology kindled a sense of competition among Sterling Machining's workforce. Employees on the shop floor, initially hesitant, soon embraced the platform, becoming motivated to achieve the best machine efficiency scores. As a result, machine utilization skyrocketed from 75% to a flawless 100%, enabling the company to produce more with the same resources, ultimately reducing manufacturing costs and boosting profitability.

This newfound efficiency even led to job creation. Identifying untapped capacity within existing machinery, Sterling Machining reconfigured its shop floor and hired an additional machine operator. The extra capacity translated into heightened productivity, with the new operators effectively paying for themselves by preventing machines from sitting idle.

Since the installation of FourJaw's system, Sterling Machining has continually enhanced its processes, relying on the platform's real-time data for guidance. For instance, the company uses historical data to estimate the duration of similar jobs, providing greater confidence in quoting future work.

The management team has also harnessed FourJaw's data insights to make informed decisions regarding significant investments, such as acquiring new machines. By having a clear view of capacity utilization, they can avoid unnecessary expenditures and better allocate resources.

Andy White summed up the role of FourJaw: "In summary, FourJaw is the tool we use to maintain a 'drumbeat' of improvement and create a healthy, competitive environment to keep trying to do better."

Founded in 2021 as a spinout from the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, FourJaw is dedicated to democratizing technology to help manufacturers unlock their full productivity potential.
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