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At UE System we believe that every person regardless of their industry, company size, experience and budget should have the tools and support to help their facilities operate more efficiently, reliably, and safer. We do this by providing a portfolio of ultrasound solutions designed to be versatile and simple to use.

Since 1973 we’ve helped thousands of customers across the world prevent equipment failures, identify energy losses and return home safe to their families and we are just getting started. Join us as we continue to grow to support our mission in the relentless pursuit of customer excellence.

This is How We Do It:

Not everyone is a fit for our family. We are a remote team before it was commonplace, we have learned through almost 50 years how to work remotely together as a team. This is why the right culture fit for our team will come before your technical background and experience!

Our People:

They Own Their Day: We do not micro-manage. You are responsible for your region and the customers within it. Our team understands that some days may be longer while some may be shorter and that maintaining the right work-life balance is crucial in a non-traditional workday.

They Believe in a Team Approach: They can’t be a master of everything. We have built a team based on the culture fit which provided us with a diverse team of varying skillsets and experience. They rely on their team to support them and grow as an individual and as a team.

They Always Look Through a Customer Lens: Every decision we make is through the lens of our customers. We ask “what is the best decision for our customer” before any decision is made. We put our existing customers before revenue and do not use sale performance as a metric.


Support our existing customers to ensure the continued value of our solutions in your designated region by building long-lasting relationships through mutually beneficial partnerships. This can include onsite or virtual training and support as well as technical support and product demonstrations.

Working directly with our Marketing and Regional Team to identify, develop and nurture new potential customers to define where and how our products can provide value. This includes discovery calls, onsite visits, and product demonstrations and reports.

Represent the voice of the customer in our strategic plans for UE Systems. This includes new and better ways to support our customers and help with ideas for future products and enhancements.

Contribute to regular Regional Teams meetings and any specific Communities of Practices Initiatives that would benefit from your experience and skill set.

Skills & Competencies:

Solid Work Experience: We’ve had great success with individuals that might have less formal experience, but can produce excellent work and are aggressive in their commitment to personal growth and development within our team. It’s always an asset if you have a technical background and experience in industrial plants.

Exceptional Communication Skills: You will be collaborating with customers and your team daily so it’s crucial that you can communicate effectively both in-person and virtually.

Travel: We’re very serious about this one. Our company is global and we have found the best way to support our customers is with local support. Within your designated area, you will be a road warrior to support our customers and make sure mutual value is received from each visit.

Computer Skills: You must be confident with technology platforms (Word, Excel, Teams, CRM management, etc…)

“This position is for you if…”

You love seeing something different every day. One day might be doing a plant tour of a bakery and the next day you are in a refinery.

You love interfacing and building relationships with customers. We build customers for life and often have relationships that extend beyond a business partnership with our customers.

You love being part of a growing company and want to find a home to grow.

You want freedom and flexibility in your schedule. This is not a 9-5 job, you control your schedule ensuring the best possible support for our customers.

You control your region. Think of your region as a separate company that you run. Make decisions that affect your region to support and grow our customers.

You are not measured on sales revenue, but how you support our existing and potential new customers.

“Why should I be interested in this role?”

We have the typical benefits you would expect like dental, vision, and health insurance, paid time off and retirement contributions but your main interest should be to join a family as we are in the process of radically transforming our business in a way that will redefine our company and our place in the market, making this one of the most exciting times in UE Systems history. There is more opportunity than ever before for our people as we expand our business to become a world-class purpose-driven, digitally-led ultrasound solution provider and we need your help to achieve this.

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