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This role plays a critical part in maintaining the company's quality standards and ensuring that all materials meet the required specifications.


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Position Summary:

As a Quality Control Engineer at Coway Engineering & Marketing Pte Ltd, your primary responsibility will be to ensure the quality and integrity of materials, sub-contracted works, and goods through rigorous inspection processes. This role plays a critical part in maintaining the company's quality standards and ensuring that all materials meet the required specifications.


  • Conduct meticulous inspections of incoming materials, purchased items, and sub-contracted works to verify their quality and conformity with specifications.
  • Perform first-piece and in-process inspections during production, providing immediate feedback and taking corrective actions when necessary.
  • Conduct final/outgoing inspections to ensure products meet quality standards before being released.
  • Maintain and calibrate measuring equipment for accuracy.
  • Manage quality documentation and reports, including material batch numbers, inspection requests, and more.
  • Uphold operational procedures, including part identification, traceability, FOD (Foreign Object Debris) prevention, and workshop safety.
  • Assist engineers in identifying and resolving quality issues.
  • Flexibility to handle ad-hoc tasks and night shifts as required.


Incoming Inspection (Purchasing Material and Goods):

  • Verify purchased items against supplier documents and process sheets.
  • Conduct physical inspections and verify supporting documents.
  • Assign Coway batch numbers and maintain records.
  • Identify items with descriptions and batch numbers.

In-Process Inspection:

  • Perform inspections as per the plan and frequency, assessing workmanship.
  • Record inspection data accurately and provide feedback to machinists.
  • Halt production or maintenance work if non-conformance is detected.
  • Monitor inspection trends and maintain quality.

Final/Outgoing Inspection:

  • Conduct dimensional and visual checks per inspection plans.
  • Verify process sheets for completeness.
  • Record inspection data and submit reports.
  • Check and verify outgoing labels.

Control of Non-Conformance Parts:

  • Verify line rejections submitted by workshop machinists.
  • Ensure proper labeling and segregation of rejected parts.
  • Report non-conformance to QA Engineer.
  • Control and Maintenance of Measuring Equipment:
  • Ensure equipment is calibrated and maintained.
  • Perform equipment maintenance as required.
  • Properly sign out and return equipment.
  • Assist in gathering equipment for calibration.
  • Upkeep of Quality Documents and Reports:
  • Maintain various quality documents and reports.

Understanding and Audit of Operational Procedures:

  • Understand and audit various operational procedures, including part identification, traceability, FOD prevention, and workshop safety.

Fault Finding and Ad-Hoc Tasks:

  • Assist engineers in identifying and resolving issues.
  • Perform ad-hoc tasks as required.


  • Educational Qualification: At least secondary 4 or equivalent.
  • Language Skills: Proficiency in Chinese and English preferred.
  • Experience: Previous QC experience, willingness to learn.
  • Technical Skills: Ability to interpret engineering drawings and operate measuring equipment.
  • Advantageous Skills: Knowledge of CMM machines, Microsoft Office (especially Excel).
  • Work Schedule: Ability to work night shifts, weekends (Sat/Sun), and in a fast-paced environment.

How to Apply:

  • Interested candidates, please send your resume.
  • Please note that only short-listed candidates will be interviewed.

At Coway Engineering & Marketing Pte Ltd, we value diversity and welcome applicants from all backgrounds. Join us in ensuring top-notch quality in our products and services.

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