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TÜV Rheinland Sonovation is seeking a highly skilled and motivated Project Engineer/Project Manager of AIM & MI to join our team. As a Project Engineer/Project Manager, you will play a crucial role in overseeing and managing projects related to Asset Integrity Management (AIM) and Mechanical Integrity (MI), ensuring the successful execution of inspections, assessments, and maintenance activities.


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Job Responsibilities

1. Perform static equipment risk assessment (key equipment screening, corrosion loop analysis, RBI analysis, IOW integrity operation window assessment) guidance for asset integrity management (AIM) and equipment integrity (MI) management technical consulting projects of refinery and petrochemical plants

2. Execute the risk of turning equipment Evaluation (key design screening, RBM analysis) guide, vibration spectrum analysis report review, failure root cause analysis, AI fault automatic diagnosis report evaluation, and other technical consulting services 3. Perform risk assessment related to long-distance pipelines, on-site inspection of the pipeline

inspections, Pressure test supervision, cathodic anti-corrosion verification, excavation verification, pipeline safety management system verification, and other technical services

4. Lead and coordinate relevant affairs and meetings of owners and contractors participating in the project

5. Supervise the work results of subcontractors

Job Requirements

1. Lively, active, active, enterprising, and gregarious working attitude

2. High plasticity, high-pressure resistance, high stability

3. Chemical, mechanical, material, or related engineering

4. At least 1 year in petrochemical plant equipment design, maintenance, Operation, inspection, evaluation, or technical consulting services

5. Have more than 1 year of project management experience

6. Possess API 510, 570, 653, 580, process safety assessor, NACE, and NDT certificates are preferred

7. Fluent English communication And thesis report writing ability

8. It is better to have a car for your use and be able to drive to the construction site in the Greater Taipei (or Greater Kaohsiung) area to perform work

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